Knowledge is power, they say.

This statement is especially true when it comes to deciding on a new floor. Being familiar with the terminology used in the flooring industry will give you a better understanding of your options, whether you’re installing a floor for the first time or conducting repairs and regular maintenance.

To help you stay on top of your game, we’ve compiled a list of the flooring terms you’re likely to come across when shopping around. We’ve also provided you with:

  • In-depth definitions for each term
  • An accurate classification (noun/verb/category/niche/industry)
  • Examples of how they’re used in sentences
  • Synonyms or closely related terms

The terms are organized according to their categories. We hope that the knowledge you gain will help speed up your decision-making process.

Flooring Types


Flooring Layers

Types of Flooring Damage

Type of Finishes, Edges, And Transitions

Flooring Products and Accessories

Flooring Properties or Conditions

Flooring Installation Methods