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COREtec Flooring

COREtec Flooring

4.97 / 5 stars, 46 reviews

COREtec Flooring is the original 100% waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring leader with the best reviews online. COREtec offers luxury vinyl flooring options that showcase hundreds of natural wood colors and stone looks, realistic textures, and warmth underfoot with an attached cork backing. You've found it if you are looking for where to buy COREtec flooring near me. Floor City has the lowest price and fastest/cheapest nationwide shipping, and free samples. COREtec 2023-24 Buyer’s Guide

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COREtec Pro Series vs. Pro Plus

COREtec Flooring comes in two popular categories: Pro Plus and Pro Series. The difference between these two options is that COREtec Pro Plus is for residential homes, while COREtec Pro Series is for commercial businesses and high-foot-traffic areas. If you have a home daycare or pets with sharp nails, use Pro Plus, the most durable version of COREtec.

Best Rated Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Pro Series and Coretec Pro Plus are both lines of luxury vinyl flooring manufactured by US Floors/Shaw Floors. They share some similarities but also have a few differences. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Construction: Both the Pro Series and Pro Plus feature a rigid core construction, which means they have a solid, dense core layer made of a composite material. This core layer provides enhanced stability and durability.

  2. Thickness: The Pro Series is available in a thickness of 5 mm, while the Pro Plus is available in a thickness of 7 mm. The increased thickness in Pro Plus can provide additional sound insulation and a more substantial feel underfoot.

  3. Wear Layer: The wear layer is the protective top surface of the flooring that provides resistance to scratches, stains, and wear. The Pro Series typically has a wear layer thickness of 20 mil, while the Pro Plus offers a thicker wear layer of 22 mil. The increased wear layer thickness in Pro Plus provides extra durability, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

  4. Design Options: Both lines offer a range of design options, including various wood and stone visuals. The specific designs and colors available may vary depending on the collection and series.

Waterproof Flooring: Kid, Dog, and Cat-Friendly

Dog-Friendly Flooring

  • COREtec Plus and Pro floors are great for pets. COREtec is the best flooring alternative to hardwood floors for indoor dogs, whether you have a puppy or an adult pooch.
  • COREtec Plus and Pro scratch-resistant luxury vinyl flooring makes this work, something impossible with real wood floors. Dogs can easily scuff up your floor when they play or run around your home, especially if they have long nails.
  • Your dog’s food messes and water spills could also seep into the hardwood plank seams, causing deterioration over time. Also, if your dog isn’t fully potty-trained yet, urine stains and unwanted scents will permeate your hardwood floor.
  • COREtec Plus and Pro luxury vinyl flooring is simply a better choice for dog owners. COREtec Plus and Pro floors have stain-resistant materials, wherein accidents and messes can be cleaned up immediately. COREtec’s Plus and Pro vinyl flooring even hold up to intense “paw” traffic if you have more than one dog.
  • A surface with an acrylic finish helps protect in all ways beyond stains. If you also have high human traffic, COREtec vinyl floors can take a beating and not wear out after a year.

Cat-Friendly Floors

  • A house full of cats with hardwood floors spells disaster. Those looking for alternative floors should know COREtec Plus and Pro is the best flooring for homeowners with cats, no matter how many well-trained felines there are.
  • COREtec Plus and Pro is also the best floor on the market for cats that tend to pee outside their litter box. Thanks to the stain-resistant acrylic finish of all COREtec floor brands, cat waste is no problem—just tidy up messes as soon as possible.
  • Your cats can do a lot more on your COREtec floor without causing any damage. All cat owners know how sharp cat claws are and how they can lead to irreversible scratches on hardwood surfaces. COREtec Plus and Pro floors’ resistance to scratches and scuffing can ensure your cats can play to their hearts’ content on your floor.
  • Cat shedding is also better controlled. COREtec Plus and Pro floors make cleaning cat fur a breeze. Simply sweeping and vacuuming your vinyl floors will allow you to easily clean up cat fur, offering a better alternative to carpeting.
  • A house with many cats may also mean plenty of spills around their food and water bowls. COREtec’s patented acrylic finish prevents any of those stains from becoming permanent after a wipe-up.
  • Having a large group of cats in your household may also mean placing as much weight on your vinyl floor as several dogs. COREtec Plus and Pro flooring can take considerable weight without denting, thanks to its durability.
  • Your cats are bound to make different noises to express their feelings and needs. They may become a little loud when you have guests. The sound absorption from COREtec’s cork underlay helps control this noise so it doesn’t sound like an echo chamber in your kitchen or other rooms.
  • Your cats will love the comfort of the cork from your COREtec vinyl planks. Playing on hardwood might not feel too comfortable for them, and it’d ruin your floor too. Your cats can play on COREtec floors for hours and feel as comfortable as playing on a carpet.