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Game Room Flooring

Game Room Flooring

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You have a game room, mancave, break room, or office, and you're looking for an exciting floor to fit your theme. If you want vibrant colors, we recommend either Forbo Click Cinch Loc or Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial Texture tile flooring. Both have many color options, but the main difference is that Cinch Loc is clicked together, and Imperial Texture is glued down.If something other than these floor tile options differs from what you're looking for and you want a DIY Plank, we recommend Armor Floors or Coretec.

Game Room Flooring Ideas

Game rooms should have durable flooring, especially those with heavy equipment like pool tables, furniture, card tables, etc. Hardwood floors for game rooms make use of floor tiles with diverse designs. Choose a wood pattern that matches your style or house.

Many arcades use carpet flooring to provide cushioning for kids who might slip while playing an active game. That’s why carpet covering is a good addition to game rooms, as it simultaneously enhances and protects hardwood floors. Also, the floor tiles are safe from wear and tear.

Don’t know how to start your game room flooring project? There are many game room flooring ideas to check in our collection. Game room flooring options must resist spills and high traffic, so when it comes to durability, Armstrong Flooring's Diamond 10 Technology is unmatched in performance, look and feel. The comfort and long-lasting warranty are note-worthy when investing in your game room.

Best Game Flooring Collection

Armstrong Flooring's Vivero Best collection features the Diamond 10 Technology, pioneering new commercial and residential flooring possibilities. Known for its durability and performance, this luxury vinyl game room flooring will keep your floors looking better longer with the industry's highest scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. Inspired by rustic, traditional, and exotic hardwoods and natural stones, Vivero Best flooring is the perfect option for bringing warmth and beauty to your game room.