When you are looking for flooring for your school, there are several options that you could choose from. One of the best is vinyl composition tile. Unlike linoleum, vinyl composite tile requires care to maintain. It is more often used for high-traffic and commercial spaces than solid vinyl because of its superior durability and because it is inexpensive. Here are some reasons why you should choose vinyl composite tile for your school.


Where would you need durability in your flooring more than in a school. The daily foot traffic alone should be enough to convince you. But the daily foot traffic is not all. Think of school functions like dances, plays and sporting events when you may see crowds passing through the lobby and hallways. Consider all of the equipment that gets moved around such as chairs, desks and tables. And then, there is the fact that the foot traffic is made up, primarily, of children. Children can put greater wear and tear on any material.

Water Resistant

Most of the usage a school building sees is not during the summer when the weather is relatively dry. The school year lasts for the three wettest seasons of the year: fall, winter and spring. Not only will your flooring have to stand up to the daily abuse of young people, it will need to be water resistant. The rain, mud and snow that is likely to pass through on a regular basis makes water resistance an absolute must.

Decorative Possibilities

Because school is a place where children spend a large part of their waking hours, it should have an environment that is fun and inspiring. Fun and inspiring are two words you are not likely to associate with flooring, especially when you think of vinyl flooring. Vinyl composite flooring, however comes in dozens of colors and in a variety of sizes. It is generally in square or rectangular shaped tiles which makes it easy to use to create patterns or designs. You could create a checkerboard pattern with the school colors, rainbow stripes or even a random, eclectic spread of colorful tiles. Fun flooring can provide the foundation for the rest of the space's design, whether it is a classroom or a cafeteria.


In the grand scheme of flooring choices, vinyl composite tile is one of the most cost effective. Not only is it one of the least expensive choices from the beginning, but during its lifetime, it will stand up better to whatever is thrown at it. That means that you will need to repair it less. That durability further translates into a longer life span which means you will not have to replace it as often as other types of flooring. The less you have to replace your flooring, the more money you can keep in your budget for other things.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Vinyl composite flooring is relatively simple to install and almost as easy to maintain. Installation requires that you begin with a clean, level area. An adhesive or mastic is used to apply the tiles. Once the adhesive dries, your floor is ready to use. After that, waxing and buffing it on a regular basis will help to keep up its appearance. Cleaning the floors regularly will also help to get rid of the dirt that can cause even greater wear to floors. These are jobs that school janitors can manage as part of their routines.

Whether you are replacing the flooring in your school or involved in a new build, there is no comparison to composite vinyl flooring. Its durability and low price tag make it the ideal choice for a high traffic area. And, its colorful versatility make it ideal for decorating a space for inspiring creativity. If you are looking for vinyl composite tile for your project, visit our VCT Flooring collection.