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Armstrong Excelon SDT (Static Dissipative Tile)

Armstrong Excelon SDT (Static Dissipative Tile)

Most office solutions providers overlook the overall design of the room, where it contains electronic equipment that reacts to certain types of flooring. Armstrong Excelon SDT offers static control flooring options for most offices and commercial spaces. Our static control flooring addresses such issues and complies with industry standards.

Static Control Flooring Explained

If the floor in your space is equipped with computers and other electronic devices, you may have to shift to another type of flooring. One of the flooring options that solves this problem is our Armstrong Excelon Static SDT. Electrostatic Dissipative Tile (ESD) solutions are designed to protect sensitive equipment like computers, testing equipment, manufacturing facilities, and data centers from static discharge.

Armstrong Commercial Flooring manufactures ESD to keep your equipment safe, and the room stays aesthetically appealing. Anti-static VCT flooring is a premium product. Although it looks similar to standard tile, it is about six times more expensive. Our exclusive 4-part system fulfills your specialized requirements from installation through maintenance to prevent electrostatic discharge year after year.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Electronic Dissipative Tiles

You will get the most from our Armstrong Excelon static dissipative tile flooring:

  • Dissipates static to increase safety and prevent damage to expensive equipment.

  • Provides a continuous static dissipative surface throughout the space—tile-to-tile connectivity.

  • Single source for your ESD needs—exclusive 4-part system includes SDT product construction/wear layer, copper grounding strips, SDT adhesive, and static dissipative polish.

  • True through-pattern, through-color provides even wear and a consistent appearance.

  • Withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic.

  • Exclusive Fast Start Factory Finish makes initial maintenance quick and easy.

  • Manufactured to Armstrong Flooring’s Diamond Standard of Quality.

  • Armstrong anti-static VCT/ESD vinyl tile flooring keeps static charges away from people and equipment to increase personal comfort and safety. Imagine the savings you get if every electronic device in a room is built with anti-static flooring. The protection is provided by Armstrong's-part system, including special adhesive, copper grounding strips, SDT tile, and SDT polish. Available in six colors, Static Control Vinyl Tile is FloorScore certified for low VOC emissions. Choose the Armstrong brand for your anti-static VCT vinyl tiles.