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Color Disclaimer

Have you ordered a Sample?

We recommend ordering samples if you have never purchased the product before. The digital images used and colors generated on products are often slightly different than the physical product. It can also depend on what screen your viewing the product from and the background lighting.

Viewing Products Online

Computer, phone, tablet and TV screens are not all calibrated the same and color tones on the Internet can be drastically different than what you would see in person or under different lighting conditions. Floor City does guarantee our online colors will look the same on all computers and furthermore we are not responsible if the finished installed product doesn't meet your color requirements. We do our best to make sure that samples that are sent out are as close to the exact material as possible. The majority of samples are cut and sent by the manufacturer on our behalf; so we do not have a way to visually inspect the sample prior to you receiving. If we send the wrong sample, you receive an incorrect sample or the same is deemed defective we will issue a full refund once that determination has been made.

Matching Colors & Brands

If it is important that the sample be exact, it is highly recommended that you order a sample first, before placing the order for your flooring. After you receive your samples, keep in mind that even the actual sample can have slightly different color variations from the finished product as shown by the manufacturer. We recommend ordering products from the same manufacturer if creating a pattern like black and white checkerboard for a garage. If you use 2 different brands you could end up with slightly different products resulting in a poor finish product. We allow you to make your own selection but do not warranty any installations that coordinate multiple brands.

Color Differences

In most cases the samples you see over the Internet will work but if it’s a white or off white, dark colors, wood or stone colors -- we suggest ordering a sample first. Floor samples may vary slightly from the physical product and there are also dye lot variances in the material; in which we do not claim responsibility for these differences.

Similar Colors or Names

Products with the same color name like "black" are not necessarily the same exact color as another item with black in it's name. Please do not order using color names or product names as your guide to color, always order a sample for the best results.

Color Policy Agreement

By checking the box on the checkout page you are agreeing that you have read the terms and conditions and that there will be no returns due to color variances. This doesn't mean that we won't help you in anyway. Some products may be special order but if an item can be returned we will make arrangements with our distributors to apply for a return. Any return may be subject to a restocking fee up to 35%. Not all items can be returned and must have prior written approval before the return will be accepted.

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