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Education Flooring

Education Flooring

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Need flooring ideas for your school or classroom? Looking for school flooring that encourages a productive environment? Well look no further because here at Floor City we have a variety of education flooring specifically for K-12 like Armstrong Natural Creations.

When it comes to commercial classroom flooring needs, higher education is transforming! For example, college flooring is a high demand surface that must not only look durable, but also be an investment you can trust to maintain it's original beauty over time. Regardless if you need dorm room flooring or just some enhanced vinyl lecture hall flooring, Armstrong flooring provides plenty of design options to achieve a flexible classroom space.

Why Armstrong Flooring?

Every education space needs something a little different from its floors. From classrooms and corridors to faculty lounges and science labs, performance requirements may vary, but the need for lasting value is constant. And with education spaces at all levels now designed to serve multiple purposes, flooring for schools must demonstrate that same flexibility to prove its value.

Commercial school flooring is a high impact environment and having an investment you trust to maintain its original beauty through years of use and with minimal effort spent on cleaning, maintenance and repair is crucial. The Armstrong Flooring portfolio is packed with high performance products suited to every space in the education environment. For example, educational floor mats or school carpet that can withstand heavy soiling or high traffic can be beneficial.

Why buy Armstrong Commercial Flooring?

  • Finishes that protect against scuffs, scratches and heavy foot traffic
  • Durability and resistance to indentations from chairs, desks, tables and other heavy objects