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Refund Policy

Please read our refund policies:

Our commitment is to put you the customer first and although we can't always make you happy with the resolution, we still try.
  1. No returns on samples or actual products. If samples come damaged we can send out new samples for free. Proof of damage must be provided at the time of delivery and noted by the carrier.
  2. We are not liable for improper installation methods. If installed correctly and there is still issues with the floor not caused by the installer we will coordinate with the manufacturer to have a claim submitted for the replacement of the floor. In this event it is your responsibility to hire an inspector. We do not provide replacement products or cover the re-installation of a product with prior approval from the manufacturer.
  3. If materials are lost during transit, damaged or defective; refunds or replacements of materials can take up 90 days. In the event materials are lost by the carrier we will file a claim. We can reorder more materials to replace lost goods but that will require an additional payment to cover additional costs. Once the funds have been received from claims a refund check will be issued. This process can take up to 90 days. If a customer wishes to not reorder materials they will still be given a refund if no materials are found within 14 days. Special considerations may be made depending on product availability and total quantity.
  4. If UPS or FedEx damages an item during transit, or delivery, we can't ship out more goods unless another order is placed. UPS and FedEx claims the packaging for VCT is insufficient. UPS and FedEx will not credit us back for damaged goods. Therefore we can't credit the customer on shipments shipped by UPS or FedEx with no exceptions.
  5. In the event material is damaged during the 1st delivery attempt. We reserve the right to refuse a re-shipment and require that material is picked up from the nearest distribution warehouse. If the ability to pickup goods is not feasible we will issue a refund on the original order. Refunds typically are credited within 10 days but can take up 30 days if proof of damage is not properly reported.
  6. If materials are delivered and received as damaged we can issue a credit for damaged goods, replace damaged material or return all damaged / defective products. However, if damage is not reported at the time of delivery and properly documented -- the claim will be denied.
  7. If another person is receiving materials for you we ask that you inform them to inspect the packaging and take photos if any kind of damage appears to exist. As agreed, we can only issue a claim with the shipping carrier if there is proof that damage occurred during the shipment.
  8. If an order is cancelled we will credit your account or send a credit check.
    Each transaction is subject to a 3% processing fee if the order is not cancelled within 24 hours. 
  9. Special order items cannot be canceled or returned. No refunds will be provided if a special order is no longer needed.
  10. All Returns require a Return Authorization Number provided by customer service. Any return that is brought or sent back to the origin will not receive a refund unless it is properly documented. Returns with no R.A. are often discarded and not capable of being restocked.