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Forbo flooring systems is a leading global player in high-quality, commercial floor coverings & total solution flooring projects. This includes Linoleum, Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and Flotex Flocked Flooring. Discover how they’re made and how they perform.

Sustainable Flooring

Forbo crafts truly sustainable floors which are beneficial for people, buildings, and the environment. Ideal for both commercial and residential uses, Linoleum tiles or sheets amplify the ambiance of bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and office environments.

Where to Buy Forbo? Right Here at Floor City.

Floor City takes pride in being one of the most reputed Forbo suppliers in America. As an authorized dealer/distributor, we supply Marmoleum sheet and tile flooring across the nation.

Discover How Forbo Flooring Systems Are Made

Our production methodology is integral to our mission of forging better environments. Dive deeper into our process. Aesthetics aside, Forbo floors offer a comforting environment for living, working, and playing. Sometimes, it's the unseen aspects that truly make a difference. We advocate for genuine sustainability through establishing shared values and responsibilities among all our stakeholders.

What is Ambering?

Ambering refers to the subtle yellowish tint observed in Marmoleum when it's freshly unpacked. Originating from the linseed oil—an extract from flax seeds and a primary component of Marmoleum—this tint is perfectly natural. The significance of linseed oil extends to:

  • Imparting natural anti-static properties to the floor, thereby repelling dust and simplifying cleaning.
  • When in contact with air and light, linseed oil undergoes oxidation from within the Marmoleum, which continually enhances its durability.
  • With light exposure, the ambering dissipates, though places shielded from light might retain this hue. If covered for prolonged durations, the yellowish hue might re-emerge, only to fade upon light exposure. This isn’t a flaw but a testament to Marmoleum's distinctive attributes. Given its natural roots, there's no fixed timeline for the hue's disappearance. It's merely a hallmark of Marmoleum, underscoring its exceptional traits. Regular floor maintenance doesn’t obstruct this natural process. Patience and comprehension of the incredible advantages this phenomenon brings to Marmoleum are all that’s required.
  • All Marmoleum shades are susceptible to ambering, but some colors, especially light blues, greens, grays, and beiges, may display a more noticeable tint. To ascertain Marmoleum’s true color, try this:
  1. Cover half a Marmoleum piece with sturdy paper, cardboard, or another Marmoleum piece.
  2. Position the pieces under direct sunlight for about 1 hour.
  3. Post that, uncover the Marmoleum to discern the stark color contrast.

Ambering in Marmoleum

1. Take a piece of Marmoleum and cover one half with heavy paper,
cardboard or another piece of Marmoleum.
2. Place these pieces in direct sunlight for approximately 1 hour.
3. After the time has passed, remove the cardboard or heavy material
and see the visual difference first hand.

Forbo Ambering

*Left side of samples show material before the ambering has dissipated and the right side shows material after the ambering has dissipated.

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