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$288.89 / each
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- Forbo Sustain 1195 Marmoleum Sheet & Tile Adhesive - 4 Gallon - Covers 500 sq ft per 4 Gallon

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Brand : Forbo
$288.89 / each
Est. Delivery 2-5 Days
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Covers 500 square feet Total Price:
CollectionInstallation Accessories
Coverage125 SF / Gallon (500 SF per pail)
Product NameSustain 1195 Marmoleum Sheet & Tile Adhesive
Product Number1195.0
Shelf Life1 year when stored between 65 F (18 C) and 90 F (32 C) in original container
Size4 Gallon Pail
SubfloorDry, porous surface
TrowelSquare notch: 3/32"D x 3/32"W x 3/32"A - Solid Wood Parquet (1/4" to 5/16" thick); Square notch: 1/8"D x 1/8"W x 1/8"A - Pattern Plus (2-Ply), Westin (2-Ply) products; V-notch: 1/4"D x 3/16"W x 5/16"A - Engineered Wood Flooring and Pattern Plus 5000

Read Color Disclaimer

We recommend ordering a sample from us or the manufacturer to ensure satisfaction. Even samples are not always an exact representation of the final product but should be very close. Colors can also vary based on when they were produced. If made at different times the shades could be slightly different. This is not an issue if the material is going in different spaces or rooms, but if being installed in one consistent area then we recommend buying enough flooring/materials to cover the entire space + 10% for waste.

Size/Thickness Differences

If you are considering installing this product next to, or together with an existing product it's important to understand that they may not match in size or thickness. Even if you get a sample, the samples may not be an exact representation of the locking mechanism or profile of your current materials. Please verify that the thickness and product codes match identical to the box or specifciations of your existing floor. If you order the wrong material it may be returnable in some cases, but there will be a 35% restocking fee.



  • Marmoleum Sheet, Walton, Marmoleum Decibel, Marmoleum Composition Sheet (MCS), Marmoleum Sport
  • Corkment Underlayment
  • Marmoleum Modular, Marmoleum Composition Tile (MCT)
  • Flotex Sheet
  • Flotex Tile (permanent applications)


  • SCS-Certified 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCC)
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Gold level. Cradle to Cradle Certified products are evaluated for material health, material reutilization, renewable energy use and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness. For more information visit
  • Packaged in biodegradable plastic pails
  • FloorScore Certified by SCS Global Services
  • Dual Acrylic Polymer
  • Non-flammable; 100% Solvent free
  • Storage: Freeze-thaw stable: 1 cycle at 20o F (-6 o C). If the pail is opened and found to be frozen, let it set closed and undisturbed at room temperature until thawed. DO NOT try to mix frozen adhesive.
  • Shelf life: 2 years in unopened container
  • Appearance and Odor: Light Green paste with little or no odor
  • VOC Emissions: 0 grams per liter (calculated per CA South Coast Rule 1168)
  • Spread Rate: Approximately 125 square feet per gallon
  • Available in four gallon units


  • Forbo Sustain 1195 can be used on all grade levels of concrete, approved suspended wood floors and approved existing resilient floors. All concrete substrates must be prepared in strict accordance with the conditions set forth in the latest version of ASTM F 710. The substrate must be dry, clean, smooth, and structurally sound.
  • The concrete porosity should be determined by testing in strict accordance with the latest version of ASTM F 3191. Water should penetrate into the slab within 5 20 minutes to be considered acceptable. If water penetrates too rapidly or too slowly, adjustments to the concrete surface must be made to provide the proper surface profile. Concrete slabs determined to be overly porous, dusty or generally insufficient may need to be primed using a primer according to the manufacturer s recommendations to regulate the porosity level of the slab and to meet the porosity conditions noted above.
  • The surface pH of the concrete must not exceed a pH of 11.0. Concrete surfaces with pH readings less than 7.0 or above 11.0 will require remediation prior to installation.
  • The internal relative humidity must not exceed 95% as determined by testing conducted in strict accordance with the latest version of ASTM F 2170.
  • The moisture vapor emission rate must not exceed 10.0 lbs. per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours as determined by testing conducted in strict accordance with the latest version of ASTM F 1869.
  • Conduct adhesive mat bond testing before beginning the installation. Bond testing will aid in identifying both the working characteristics of the adhesive, such as the appropriate open and working times for the site conditions, and also any potential bonding problems to the substrate.


  1. Areas to receive material should be clean, fully enclosed and weather tight. The permanent HVAC should be fully operational and controlled and set at a minimum temperature 65 F (18.3 C). If this is not possible, the areas should be acclimated and controlled by means of temporary HVAC to the service level conditions expected during occupancy. The temperature and humidity should range from 75 F 10 F (23.9 C 5.5 C) with a 50% 10% ambient relative humidity. These conditions MUST be established at least seven days prior to beginning the installation, maintained during the installation, and continued for at least seven days following the installation.
  2. The substrate must be free of all foreign materials including, but not limited to, dust, solvent, paint, wax, oil, grease, residual adhesive, adhesive removers, film-forming curing compounds, silicate penetrating curing compounds, sealing, hardening, or parting compounds, alkaline salts, excessive carbonation or laitance, mold, mildew, and other foreign materials that might affect the rate of moisture dissipation from the concrete, the adhesion of resilient flooring to the concrete or cause a discoloration of the flooring from below.
  3. Before beginning the installation, all testing requirements should be conducted: concrete porosity, pH, internal relative humidity, moisture vapor emissions and bond testing. Refer to the Substrate Evaluation & Preparation section of the Forbo Installation Guide for additional information.
  4. Trowel recommendation: 1/16 x 1/16 x 1/16 square notch trowel. Replace the trowel when proper coverage is no longer attainable.
  5. The open time and working time of adhesives will vary depending on site conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity, the porosity of the substrate and air circulation. A general indication of proper open time is when a light touch produces transfer of adhesive to the finger, but a firm touch will flatten and smear the adhesive.
  6. FORBO SHEET PRODUCTS: Install one sheet at a time. The flooring material must remain in contact with the adhesive while the adhesive is drying and curing. In order to ensure continuous contact of the material and the adhesive, all material must be rolled repeatedly during installation. When installing Marmoleum sheet, the natural roll curl at the end of each cut of Marmoleum must be addressed by massaging to remove the tension caused by being rolled. Adequate massaging should enable the material to remain in contact with the adhesive but, if necessary, weight should be applied to ensure that the flooring material remains in full contact with the adhesive while the adhesive is drying. Proper placement and rolling will result in a complete explosion of the trowel ridges, creating a continuous flat film of adhesive on the substrate and on the material backing.
  7. MARMOLEUM MODULAR, MCT & FORBO TILE PRODUCTS: A short open time will be necessary. The flooring material must remain in contact with the adhesive while the adhesive is drying and curing. Proper placement and rolling will result in a complete explosion of the trowel ridges, creating a continuous flat film of adhesive on the substrate and on the material backing, with no trace of trowel marks or ridges. When dry, complete transfer of the tile backing will appear in the surface of the adhesive with no visible trowel marks.
  8. Check for adhesive transfer frequently; there must be a wet transfer of adhesive to the material backing in order to achieve a secure bond.
  9. Immediately roll the flooring in all directions using a 100 pound roller to ensure proper adhesive transfer. Additional rolling is required during adhesive setup to ensure that the material is flat and fully adhered.
  10. Remove fresh adhesive residue immediately with a clean white cloth. Dried adhesive can be removed with a clean white cloth and a properly diluted solution of neutral pH cleaner or with Forbo Adhesive Remover. The area must then be rinsed with clean, cool water to remove all residue from the floor. Refer to the Forbo Commercial Floor Care Guide for further information.
  11. Keep the lid on the pail when not in use.
  12. Do not allow heavy traffic or rolling loads for a minimum of 72 hours following the installation. Additional time may be necessary if the installation is over a non-porous substrate.
  13. In order to allow the adhesive to dry and cure properly, wait a minimum of five days following the installation before conducting wet cleaning procedures or initial maintenance. Additional time may be necessary if the installation is over a non-porous substrate.


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