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COREtec Flooring Reviews

Before you buy COREtec Floors, you probably want to know the best type of luxury vinyl plank flooring or tile for your space. Below you will find our COREtec 2022-23 Buyer's Guide, complete with informational videos, product photos, inspirational room views, easy installation tips, and recent customer reviews.

Why Buy
COREtec Flooring?

  • 100% Waterproof Core
  • Realistic Embossed Textures
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Scratch and Scuff Protection
  • Comfortable to walk on
COREtec flooring layers diagram infographic cork

Pre-Purchase Q&A

COREtec Plus

  • Designed for Residential Homes
  • Attached Cork Backing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

COREtec One

COREtec Pro Original Collection

COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus Enhanced Planks

COREtec Plus Enhanced Planks

COREtec Plus Enhanced Tile

COREtec Plus Enhanced Tile

COREtec Plus Five Plank

COREtec Plus Five Plank

COREtec Plus HD

COREtec Plus HD

COREtec Plus Premium 9

COREtec Plus Premium 9

COREtec Plus Seven Plank

COREtec Plus Seven Plank

COREtec Plus Tile

COREtec Plus Tile

COREtec Plus XL

COREtec Plus XL

COREtec Plus XL Enhanced

COREtec Plus XL Enhanced

COREtec Transitions

COREtec Transitions

COREtec Pro

  • Commercial & Residential Use
  • More Scratch Resistant
  • 15 Year Warranty
COREtec Pro Collection


COREtec Pro Plus Collection

COREtec Pro Plus

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Planks

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Planks

Collection_COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Tiles

COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Tiles

COREtec Pro Plus XL

COREtec Pro Plus XL

COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced

COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

COREtec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD

Featured Collection

  • COREtec ONE: Micro Beveled Edge
  • Waterproof Foamed Core (WPC)
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty

COREtec One


Our most economical collection features the patented COREtec Core Technology that significantly redefined luxury vinyl flooring by providing a simpler and more durable alternative to glue down LVT, solid locking LVT, or laminate flooring. Our innovative COREtec core structure makes COREtec One 100% waterproof, so it can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water.

All colors and styles available. Nationwide shipping. Best Pricing. COREtec ONE collection is a WPC (Wood Polymer Core) that's 100% water resistant, offers beautiful and modern looks and ideal for residential settings and professional office installations.


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COREtec Pros & Cons


Pro: Long-Term Durability

COREtec floors are known for being durable thanks to using a 20 mil wear layer. All Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is this way in comparison to real wood. If you have significant foot traffic at home or in your business, a wooden floor is sure to look worn after only a year. COREtec assures no scratching, marks, or scars. Expect these floors to hold up for years before repairs or replacements are needed.

Pro: Affordable

All COREtec floors are half the price of real wood, making it price-friendly when budgeting matters. Unlike other things that are of lesser quality when cheaper, COREtec doesn't lose any quality. It's thanks to cork and rubber base materials, eliminating any need for underlayment.

Pro: Kid and Pet-Friendly

Your little humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other common household pets are no-match for COREtec's ultra resilient wear layer. Unlike some floors that scratch from pet nails or or stain from animal urine; COREtec does not. It's also designed to withstand your kids plastic toys and constant abuse from dropping other items on the floor. COREtec is not industructible but is far more resistant to scratches and dents than most other flooring on the market. 

Pro: Easy Installation

The time it takes to install a new floor is always a concern for homeowners and businesses. COREtec Plus and Pro floors are much easier to install than a real wood floor. Top vinyl plank brands like them offer a tongue and groove system that makes installing these planks simpler than ever. They click into place with ease.

Pro: Perfect for Noisy Rooms

Sound control is always a concern with new flooring, especially if holding parties at home. Also, large crowds in businesses can mean annoying echoes from heavy foot traffic or talking. COREtec Plus and Pro floors absorb sound based on the cork underlay. Now hundreds of people can walk your vinyl plank floors at the same time without any ear-piercing noise.

Pro: Comfortable

How a floor feels while walking on it is just as important to consider. COREtec Plus and Pro floors feel good to stand or walk on for long hours. Business employees who have to stand all day will appreciate the cork underlayment in providing a softer feel than if standing on real wood. At home, this means enjoying a bouncier feel to prevent sore feet.

Pro: Usable in Any Room

The versatile nature of COREtec floors is why it continues to lead in sales. You can use these floors virtually anywhere, including living rooms and bedrooms. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are popular room choices thanks to the waterproof nature of the planks. Those who need a soft, quality floor find it works as an alternative to wood and even carpeting.

Pro: You Can Find COREtec Floors Anywhere

Buying a wood floor is already going to become a more protracted buying experience. Not only is it more expensive, but finding the right type of wood species might be harder to find. COREtec Plus and Pro vinyl planks are available at most outlets that sell flooring. It's virtually never out of stock, plus available in numerous colors and other varieties. Finding good deals online is another major pro. Some online flooring stores offer better pricing on COREtec.


Con: You'll Need to Replace Your Floor Eventually

Expect a COREtec floor to last for a couple of decades with proper care. However, you can't sand and refinish them as you can wood. You'll have to replace those planks once you know it's completely worn. Nevertheless, they're easy to remove due to their initial installation process.

Con: You Might Have to Level Your Floor First if Uneven

Having an uneven floor can sometimes be an issue when using vinyl planks. As a result, it may require you to level your subfloor before you can use these floors. Your COREtec floor could depress when walking on it otherwise. Calculate the cost of leveling ahead of time by considering an investment in a self-leveling mix. 

Residential Applications


How you remodel a bathroom may be one of your biggest home project questions right now. Placing a COREtec Plus vinyl floor in there can become the most affordable remodel plan you ever make. Your bathroom is perhaps the most visited room in your house, which means the floor already in there is likely worn. If that floor happens to be real hardwood or other material, it may need replacing soon.

After years of foot traffic and a few floods, hardwood is not going to hold up. Lack of maintenance only makes it more of an inevitability you need a new floor.

Going with COREtec Plus in your bathroom is already going to save you exponential money compared to other options. Real wood is still very expensive, yet vinyl is still one of the most affordable floors in the marketplace. Upgrading your bathroom floor to COREtec vinyl planks is the smartest choice if you ever faced flooding in there before. The second layer is a patented mineral core COREtec designed to prevent any mold or mildew. A flood in your bathroom is bound to happen eventually. It could come from a toilet running over, a shower/bathtub leak, or from a leaky sink/faucet. A wooden floor is a goner in those scenarios, yet COREtec vinyl planks are saved. Simply remove the planks if sopping wet, let them dry, and they're ready to go back in place.

In the realm of foot comfort, COREtec is still top-tier. Considering you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, you want it to feel good underfoot. The company's cork underlayment makes it one of the most comfortable floors available today. How to clean your COREtec floor is also likely on your mind. A bathroom is going to have spills if you have a big family. Pet stains are another sure bet if your dog or cat plays in the bathroom. Their litter box may be in there as well. COREtec makes cleanup easy with simple sweeping and vacuuming, plus the company's unique cleaning solution.

These features of COREtec Plus are sure to help revitalize your bathroom soon. Thanks to an easy click-lock installation method, these planks can go in there within a short time without causing complaints about your bathroom being held up.


Learning how to install a kitchen floor might sound like a major housing remodeling project. Your kitchen floor could be worn out now after years of family and guests putting in hours of foot traffic. This doesn't include your kids and likely some pets.

Perhaps your worn kitchen floor was made of hardwood. If so, not putting in any maintenance time makes wood deteriorate fast. With all that traffic in your kitchen besides, your hardwood floor likely looks a little rough now. The same goes for other types of flooring that don't have durable qualities. Only vinyl continues to work as the most robust flooring while not costing a fortune. COREtec Plus vinyl flooring is a leader in this flooring category, especially for use in kitchens.

There isn't a more appropriate floor for a kitchen than COREtec. Durability and stain resistance are two good reasons. Vinyl is already known for being rugged to foot traffic. When adding in COREtec's acrylic finish surface, it also becomes impervious to stains. We all know a kitchen is going to have more stains than most rooms, other than a garage. No food stains will set in on these floors as long as you don't wait long to clean.

Using simple vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping once per week also keeps your floor looking new. It's the simplest type of maintenance when compared to the more lengthy work put into maintaining real hardwood. You can still get the look of real hardwood, though, particularly when using COREtec Plus. Most people can't tell the difference between real and faux wood here, making it ideal if you still want your kitchen looking rustic.

The waterproof nature of COREtec is also what makes them ideal for kitchens. Other than bathrooms, kitchens are more prone to water exposure. This might be from water spills (including from your pets' water bowls) to possibly a leak from a dishwasher, refrigerator, or sink. A mineral core layer helps prevent the planks from ever warping. Thanks to that same layer, it also prevents mold and mildew. And, what kind of comfort do you need while walking or standing on your kitchen floor? Someone in the family possibly works there for hours making meals. A cork underlayment provides a soft and warm feel that makes standing in place or walking feel like a cloud. Even more important is COREtec's innovation in vinyl plank sound control. Their cork underlayments are the material you need to muffle overly loud sounds in your kitchen. As you make meals, the sounds of mixers and other electric utensils could become a little ear-piercing when guests are there.

Now you can converse with your friends and family without noise being a problem. This also applies to large groups of people talking at once.

Time to take your new kitchen floor seriously and learn how to get a COREtec Plus vinyl plank floor installed. With click-lock features available on most of their floor brands, you can install your new kitchen floor with relative ease. If you have to remove a plank for replacement or due to water, you can do so just as easily.

Laundry Rooms

Most people have a laundry room, whether in a special place in the house, in the basement, or garage. What is the best flooring for a basement laundry room in particular? This is the most common location for laundry rooms, and it's going to require a certain type of robust floor to hold up long-term. Real hardwood is never the best choice for basements simply based on the idea these rooms sometimes flood. Wood is unsalvageable if it becomes excessively wet.

More people choose either linoleum or vinyl planks in basements. With vinyl planks being more durable and often made to withstand water, it's a smart choice. COREtec Plus vinyl floors are the leader in this category. Their specific attention to being waterproof makes them a go-to floor for a laundry room and many other rooms. Sooner or later, a flood may occur in your laundry room, no matter where it's located. A broken water pipe might occur, or your washing machine runs over. Chances for flooding there are as great as the kitchen or bathroom.

The most useful aspect of COREtec Plus is its waterproof qualities. The absorption of water is all based on the hand-formed mineral core in the second layer of each plank. These materials also help prevent mildew and mold, which is critical to avoid getting sick after a flood. Your laundry room may also be seen by guests on occasion. Thanks to the aesthetic beauty of COREtec floors, you can convince someone you used real hardwood. To the naked eye, most experts still can't tell the difference between COREtec's vinyl planks and the real deal.

While aesthetics and waterproofness are essential here, so is how comfortable it feels. Members of your household assigned to laundry duty will appreciate standing on these floors without it feeling like wood. A cork underlay helps provide real comfort so your feet never feel sore when standing in place. COREtec Plus truly is made for every room, including the most practical of home locations.


First impressions are everything with a home or business, and an entryway is where you can show off. Learning how to decorate an entryway should always start with your floor. It's one of the first things a person notices when coming in.

The big question is what kind of floor do you already have there? Perhaps you're decorating a new entryway now and want the most elegant flooring option possible. Let COREtec Plus vinyl planks be your guide to bring the entryway floor you always wanted. You can start with the look of COREtec floors and how diverse they are. With the ability to get the look of wood, stone, and tile, you can make it look like a natural floor without using the real thing. COREtec's look of wood is hardly dissimilar to the real deal, and it's perfect to impress those seeing your home or business for the first time. Thanks to multiple colors and textures available, you can stylize your entryway based on your brand or through a personal statement.

Never worry about how much foot traffic your entryway gets because the durability factor is tremendous. The acrylic finish is truly made for walking (and standing). You can have hundreds of guests over and reduce worry about it looking worn. However, you do need to maintain your COREtec floor to keep it pristine. Simple cleaning always works. Also, if you worry about water getting tracked in, the waterproof mineral core layer protects completely. This also applies to preventing mold and mildew to avoid costly replacements and illness. In the chance your entryway ever floods, you can simply remove your vinyl planks, let them dry, then put them back in place.

Time to make your entryway look stylish, and keep it safe for years to come.


Some of you may want to learn how to create a mudroom. What does that entail? The floor of the mudroom is a vital part of it since this room is where people remove their shoes, coats, or other outerwear before entering a main living area. Just imagine what those people are tracking in as they enter your mudroom. In wet climates, this is going to mean their shoes bringing in water, mud, oil, and who knows what else from the outside world.

This is why your floor in the mudroom needs some serious thought. Don't even think about using real hardwood since it would deteriorate in a year due to the excess moisture and foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is one of your best options, especially COREtec Plus vinyl planks. Through a product like theirs, you can get extra protection for residential customers. Much of this involves enhanced waterproof qualities, plus more durability for starters.

It's thanks to COREtec's patented mineral core layer that keeps their floors thoroughly waterproof. Also, if you still want the look of real hardwood in your mudroom, COREtec provides it in imitation while still looking real. Many of your guests will wonder how you keep your wood floor looking so good after taking on so much moisture. In the chance your mudroom ever floods, you can just remove the planks thanks to a click-lock installation method. Let the planks dry, and then put them back in place. When your mudroom floor becomes overly dirty from mud, oil, or other stains, it's easy to clean. Stains won't set in, as long as you put in general maintenance of mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming once per week. However, COREtec does provide cleaning solutions you can buy directly from them.

Take your mudroom seriously by planning out your floor first. It's the first thing visitors see. Plus, they'll feel comfortable walking on it thanks to COREtec's cork underlayment. These floors set a statement the minute someone enters your home.

Rental Properties

Statistics show more than 34% of the U.S. population rents a home or apartment. Out of all those rentals, owners have to worry about things like installing durable floors and maintaining them. These are things to think about if learning how to invest in rental property. What kind of floors are rental owners using? Those of you who own rental property should consider COREtec Plus vinyl planks as a superior option. The reason is that it's going to hold up for years, perhaps through multiple renters. These might even hold up for your entire rental property career.

It all centers on the durability of vinyl and COREtec adding a multitude of their own branded features. Their acrylic surface layer is already durable enough to take on excess foot traffic. And, it's stain-resistant to prevent nasty food or drink spills from your renters. Should a flood ever occur in your rental property, COREtec also has you fully protected. The second layer of their vinyl planks have a patented mineral core that absorbs water and prevents mold from developing.

Think about how much that saves you from having to replace a floor if your rental property is in a flood zone. A cork underlayment also provides a soft feel for walking or standing. Your tenants will find it comfortable to walk on at all times with socks or bare feet. At the same time, it looks like real wood to keep a rustic appearance in the unit if that's your style. COREtec offers the look of stone and tile, including multiple colors and textures. Just about any combination is available to turn your rental homes, apartments, or condos into the look you want. Renters would also appreciate the care you put into their floors to prevent disruptive maintenance if the floor needs replacing.

Beach House

Those of you learning how to decorate a beach house should first consider the type of floor going in there. A beach house floor needs consideration above all based on its look, feel, and protection it brings. Living along a beach is going to bring some risks that factor into the type of floor you use. Real hardwood should go off your list considering the possibility of moisture ruining it. Other floor options exist, albeit luxury vinyl planks perhaps being your best bet. COREtec Plus vinyl planks are now a go-to for many beach homeowners and renters. Much of that is thanks to how waterproof COREtec makes their planks. Their patented mineral core is made to withstand significant amounts of water, assuming a flood doesn't contain sewage.

A click-lock feature for installation is what makes these planks such a favorite. You can get it installed in one day and remove the planks easily if they become wet. During times when a storm washes ocean water into your beach home, a COREtec Plus floor won't be ruined. Remove the planks, let them dry, then click them back in place. Beyond that important feature, the company makes its planks look like real hardwood. You can still go for that rustic beach home look without spending a fortune on real hardwood. Maintaining a COREtec floor is also simpler with just weekly sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. You can eat and drink to your heart's delight in your beach home without worrying about the floor being stained. Its stain-resistance is one of its most celebrated qualities.

The comfort level of COREtec floors is equally important if you vacation in your beach home long-term. Walking around in your slippers, socks, or bare feet, feels amazingly soft thanks to COREtec's cork underlayment. Tracking in dry or wet sand from those long beach walks is also no problem. With proper maintenance (including using COREtec's cleaning solution), your beach home floor can last for a decade without a floor replacement every year or two.

Lake Homes

One of your new plans is perhaps to learn how to decorate a lake house you own. Living by a lake is great, but it does have potential flood risks. Have you considered what type of floor would work best in those scenarios? COREtec Plus vinyl planks are possibly your best option. A look at the layers of COREtec luxury vinyl plank tells you everything. It starts with a waterproof acrylic surface that becomes essential if any water gets in your home. Depending on your climate, intense rainfall could lead to the nearby lake overfilling someday and flooding your entire property.

A COREtec floor can survive this, assuming no sewage gets in. You can simply remove the planks through a click-lock feature used for installation. Let the planks dry, then put them back in place without worry. While COREtec is the best floor for waterproofness, it's also top-tier for being one of the most comfortable. A cork underlayment makes walking on it without footwear a true pleasure. Since it also looks like real hardwood, you can still create a rustic ambiance for any room in your lake house.

The variety of aesthetic options with these floors is also something to consider. COREtec offers myriad textures, styles, and colors to help make your lake house look unique. You can mimic the style of wood, stone, and tile. You can even hold myriad parties in your lake house without the floor wearing out. Vinyl is scientifically durable while still being very affordable. All that foot traffic won't wear it out after only a year, as long as you give your floor some basic maintenance once per week.

Cabin / Mountain Home

Learning how to build a cabin for vacation is going to take a lot of thought, including what kind of flooring goes in there. When designing your new cabin (maybe in the woods), take some time to consider how durable your new floor is.

A real hardwood floor is probably your goal, but think about what that means related to upkeep. Also, if you track in moisture often, the wood floor is going to wear out within less than a year. COREtec Plus vinyl planks are a better flooring option based on how waterproof they are, plus much more. You can still make your cabin look rustic since COREtec makes planks looking like real wood and stone.

Unlike real wood, these floors are comfortable to walk on thanks to a cork underlay. You can still create a natural atmosphere without sacrificing comfort on your feet. The natural area where your cabin is located may also experience flooding someday. With wild weather extremes lately, you never know when this might happen. Fortunately, COREtec's patented mineral core protects from water, plus prevents mold. You can remove the planks through its click-lock installation feature for drying. Then you can put them right back without worrying about a time-consuming replacement. 

Commercial Applications

Restaurant Use

How much does it cost to open a restaurant lately?

While expenses and risks are huge, thinking about what type of floor you have in there should never be overlooked.

No doubt the first thing that comes to mind is finding the cheapest possible floor. The only type of floor that's inexpensive without sacrificing quality is luxury vinyl planks. COREtec Pro is the leader in commercial flooring, making it the best, long-term option in your restaurant. The diversity of these floors is also important for personal branding. COREtec offers the look of wood, stone, and tile, using numerous colors and textures. These combinations are going to help you make a personal statement and add to the personal appeal for your customers.

Your wait staff is going to appreciate the comfort level of COREtec's vinyl planks. A cork underlayment proves how soft this material always is for walking and standing all day. Those working in your kitchen should also appreciate the feel of the floor after working long shifts. These floors also have you covered in the way of stain-resistance. Food and drink spills are inevitable in any restaurant. You won't have to worry about those stains becoming permanent thanks to COREtec's acrylic surfaces. Simple cleaning once per week keeps it looking pristine.

Water protection is one of the highlight features. Your restaurant might have a flood from a kitchen sink leak. Or, if you live in an overly wet climate, customers are sure to track in water every day. The mineral core of COREtec floors prevents water from seeping in and causing mold and mildew. Your restaurant floor can now be fully protected without costing a fortune. Time to think about your restaurant floor first while calculating general operating expenses. After online discounts, you'll be amazed at how much your new floor saved you.

Bar / Tavern

How to open a bar with no money is perhaps on your mind as a new business prospect. Opening any type of business on limited funds is not easy, yet not every expense is going to break the bank. The type of flooring you place in your bar may surprise you by costing less than you think.

Only the option of luxury vinyl plank flooring from COREtec Pro saves you the most money. One reason is vinyl is known for being less expensive while still giving you durability and waterproof qualities. COREtec Pro is the leader in commercial floors. Your bar can benefit from these luxury vinyl planks based on several key things. First, it's waterproof, making it ideal when dealing with drinks occasionally being spilled. Any type of water leak in your bar is also protected due to COREtec's patented mineral core layer.

Getting this floor installed is the easiest of any other available. COREtec offers a click-lock method, allowing you to install the planks in one day. These go right over your existing subfloor, as long as it's level. Your bartenders are going to appreciate the comfortable cork underlayment besides. No doubt they have to often work late into the night, making their jobs more enjoyable without sore feet.

While you can get the look of real hardwood from COREtec, it's not the only option. You can also get the look of stone and tile, including multiple colors and textures. These all help you create a unique branding experience in your bar flooring. After all, it is the first thing your patrons see. Even if they end up on the floor after a few drinks, the durability of COREtec is made just for them. Once this floor is installed, it'll hold up for a decade as long as you put in some basic cleaning maintenance once per week. Just don't use detergents or abrasive cleaning solutions since these can leave a residue.

Dentist’s Office/Private Practice

Most patients who visit a dentist’s office are going to be sitting or lying down as they visit. Nevertheless, a durable floor is still a must there for various reasons. A COREtec floor is still a smart choice. Other areas of your dental practice may be far busier due to staff walking back and forth carrying dental supplies and tools. It all depends on how big your private practice is. Sometimes these offices share space with other dentists besides.

No matter your scenario, it’s just a good plan to invest in a reliable floor to eliminate wear risk. If your dental practice is new, it might take a while for it to become profitable. Having to replace your floor within a year or two only adds a major expense you don’t need. COREtec’s brands stay maintained as long as you keep them clean every week. You may still want to get a higher mil wear layer for your practice, just in case those floors get busier over time. As your dental practice grows, it’s always worth thinking ahead on what your floor might have to endure down the road.

Beyond the durability factor, COREtec has your dentist’s office covered to take on any nasty spills or stains. You already know by now that stains are inevitable, including from patients and dental devices. On the comfort side, your dental team is going to appreciate COREtec’s comfortable cork underlay. Orthodontists and their assistants have to stand all day on your floor to work on patients. Why not give them a floor feeling comfortable for them rather than using real hardwood?

Not that you still can’t enjoy the look of natural materials thanks to COREtec’s wide variety of textures and colors. Your dental private practice can now thrive with a trendy look without having to spend a fortune or take on lengthy floor maintenance time.  

Attached Cork Underlayment Backing

Genuine cork is used as the backing (they call this an attached underlayment). Cork was chosen because it resists mold and mildew, is sound deadening and is quicker to warm up. So unlike a tile floor for example, you have less of that cold floor feel when walking barefoot or in socks.

In addition, and this is important from a floor prep and installation perspective, the cork backing minimizes the telegraphing of subfloor imperfections. You’ve probably seen this at some point where you can see humps, bumps or floor seams subtly showing up through the floor. The attached cork underlayment saves time in floor prep and contributes to a solid, finished floor installation that will provide years of service.

Jim Atkinson, a professional house flipper in Boston, MA, said “We deal with a lot of old triple deckers here in South Boston, many have undergone multiple rehabs over the years - some not so great. Once we pull up the old carpet or vinyl sheet, we run into some crazy situations. I only use COREtec, not only because it's a great selling point on quality, but because it minimizes our floor rehab times. We take pride in professionally repairing and stabilizing all subflooring to code, but with COREtec we don’t have to worry about minor subfloor imperfections transfering up and showing through the flooring at install time. Our buyers love it. It looks great every time and we’ve never had a call back on it!”

Durable Wear Layer Protects your Floor from Scratches

COREtec features a commercial grade, low gloss wear layer up to 20 mil thick. What’s a wear layer and why is it important? It's the top most layer of the floor. Think of the wear layer as your floor's armor protection; it's permanent, transparent, very durable and has an important job to do: protect your floor from all manner of scratches, scuffs, and stains. The wear layer helps to maintain the good looks of your floor and makes it very easy to clean. In addition it offers a degree of UV protection, but take note: prolonged, strong exposure to sunlight will damage any material.

A word of caution, it's recommended that heavy furniture have felt pads attached and use floor protectors for office chairs with caster wheels. The wear layer protects the floor, but any floor is susceptible to scratches, even tile and cement. Most people just sweep and use a dust mop to keep their floors looking great. Unlike a hardwood floor no wood cleaners, conditioners or polishing is needed.

Janet Holmes from Portland, Oregon manages a mid sized accounting firm, she said “COREtec flooring transformed our office and conference rooms into an upscale feel which was an important consideration for the type of clients we work with. The staff was blown away by the transformation. Our cleaning service just vacuums the floors to keep them looking great. We required something that stands up to floor traffic, is simple to clean, and looks fantastic. COREtec nailed it.”

100% Waterproof Flooring

We want to be clear on this point. For several reasons you want a waterproof, moisture and humidity proof floor. Why? For starters a lot of flooring products out there, with the exception of stone and tile, will warp, buckle, disintegrate or expand when water sits on them for a period of time.

Expansion has the worst effect on flooring because it pushes out and buckles far beyond where the original water spill occurred. When this happens replacing the floor is the only option. Understandably, if you've never experienced a major water spill in your kitchen or bathroom, it's hard to imagine this as a possibility. Consequently every year people are surprised to discover their dishwasher, refrigerator, bathtub or sink has sprung a leak and a large puddle of water has developed on and ruined their floor. At that point it's permanent, heartbreaking and requires a time consuming and expensive replacement.

Waterproof flooring is also required if you’re installing a floor covering below grade, for example: basements and homes that are situated on a hillside or valley where water runoff could become an issue. Basements are especially prone to occasional leaking and moisture intrusion, sometimes it is major and obvious, but often it goes unnoticed by the homeowner. We see a lot of this with new homeowners who remodel their basement in the summer only to discover water leakage over the winter and rainy season. COREtec is an ideal flooring solution for basement remodels because it’s 100% waterproof. It won't warp, expand or contract even when submerged in water.

Bill Gorrell of Chicago IL, shared this review with us “We woke up in the morning to discover a puddle of water covering most of our kitchen floor. Immediately we put towels down to soak up the water thinking more about where the leak came from rather than the flooring.
Then I started to notice the floor planks were bowing and buckling and starting to rise up. 'Oh no' is all I could say. My wife said, 'look it’s pushing up all the way on the other side of the floor'. We dried it as best we could hoping when the floor dried out it would somehow return to normal. Of course it didn't.
Turns out the water line to the refrigerator (icemaker/water dispenser) was the culprit. Honestly, I never envisioned this as a possibility, but our insurance agent said it was a common occurrence.
From there it was a long odyssey of insurance, contractors, and installation hassels. The only real good thing that came out of it was we went with COREtec flooring. I always thought of vinyl flooring as having a hollow sound, but this flooring has a wonderful solid, quality feel. Also they look great and oh, by the way, they’re 100% waterproof. Kudos to COREtec!”

The “Core” of COREtec - Waterproof Polymer Core (WPC)

Waterproof Flooring Laundry Room

What makes COREtec Plus different? It starts with their innovative Waterproof Polymer Core (WPC). Think of each floor plank as several sandwiched layers. The “core” is the foundation the other components of the floor (cork padding, luxury vinyl top layer, decorative design, and protective wear layer) are attached to.

From a materials science perspective COREtec has combined multiple attributes into a single material: Firm, yet flexible. Won't chip or break. No expansion or contraction due to humidity or temperature changes. Resists scratches, scuffs and stains. Easy to clean. 100% waterproof even if submerged in water.

Bob Sheppard of South Florida said “We have a lot of heat and humidity down here and combined with air conditioning, which constantly cools and dehumidifies, you have a recipe for disaster for a solid wood floor - this killed my mother in law's expensive solid hardwood flooring. Our installer recommended we look at COREtec because it's dimensionally stable no matter the temperature and its 100% waterproof. I was sceptical at first, but when I saw the samples I was really impressed with the looks and especially with the matching wood grain pattern - this was important to me because I wanted a natural looking floor. Fast forward a year and the floor is still perfect, it hasn't loosened or shifted and looks as great as it did when we got it. I’m very pleased with our decision to go with COREtec.”

Easy to Install - The COREtec Secure Angle Tap System

Whether you are installing your new COREtec floor yourself or having it professionally installed it’s critical the flooring system can be installed in a consistent, repeatable, and quality manner. This is where COREtec really shines. The COREtec angle tap system is a proprietary tongue and groove locking system that is easy to learn, does not require glue or nails, and offers a secure, tight fit that won’t work loose over time.

Visit the COREtec Resource Center for installation tips and how-to videos

Homeowners, the DIY (do it yourself) community, and professional installers love the COREtec angle tap system because it’s easy, quick, and won't work loose or separate over time; making for a terrific looking finished product. Installation tools include: carbide-tipped blade, rubber mallet, spacers, measuring tape, tapping block, pull bar, and of course safety glasses.

Sam Gorden, a homeowner in Houston, TX shared his experience installing COREtec in the review “At first I was a little nervous about installing the flooring myself. I’m somewhat handy around the house, but have never done anything with flooring. I kept thinking I needed to hire a professional installer. But as I watched several YouTube videos, my thinking changed and I thought, 'hey I can really do this myself!'. And sure enough it was true. When the flooring arrived I opened several boxes and dry laid out the pattern I thought looked best. After some minor changes and final approval from my wife I started my first row. Just like the videos showed it was easy to install and after a few rows my confidence really shot up. The first transition strip was a bit tricky, but once I had the technique down the whole project went surprisingly quick. It took one day and my wife was freaking out at how great it looked. I was impressed with how quickly the job went. I have to say it looks really good! The floor feels solid all around and just like the brochure said it’s easy to clean. Only problem now is I have people asking me to do install new floors for them. I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you COREtec for making it easy!”