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various wood grains

Flooring condition

Definition of Grain

Grain refers to the direction, pattern, or texture that wood fibers have in a flooring material

It is determined by the growth pattern of the wood flooring material and determines the aesthetic and durability of the flooring.

Wood grain represents the material’s natural details and will always vary in terms of color and patterns.They differ per floor or plank and add visual interest to a space.

The cut of a tree is the main determinant of the grain. The table below highlights the grain pattern you’ll see according to the cut of the wood.

Grain Pattern Characteristics
Flat grain
  • Cutting the wood at a right angle from its core produces a straight and narrow grain
  • Runs parallel to the face of the plank
  • More stable and expensive compared to other wood grains
Straight grain
  • Produces vertical cuts by cutting the wood from the tree’s core rings
  • Planks have more fibers and last longer
  • Grain runs in one direction, making it easier to work with
Curly grain
  • Produced from trees with a twisted growth pattern
  • Wood can be cut in any direction to produce wavy, spiral, and curvy grain
  • Steep curves may make the grain weak and short
  • Often derived from hardwood trees like maple and oak

Example of Grain in a Sentence

“Grain is the main visual element in wood floor coverings.”


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  • Pattern 

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