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Glueless Click-Lock

Flooring installation methods

Definition of Glueless Click-Lock

This is a type of floating floor that consists of interlocking planks or tiles that fit tightly together to create a seamless and stable floor covering.

Glueless click-lock flooring utilizes a tongue and groove system. This ensures the planks of laminate, wood, or vinyl flooring fit together tightly and securely without being glued or nailed down.

The glueless click-lock system cuts back floor installation time and provides sufficient support for use in areas with high foot traffic.

The video below shows you how glueless click-lock engineered hardwood floors are installed.

Example of Glueless Click-Lock in a Sentence

“Most engineered wood species, like oak, hickory, and maple, are approved for installation over radiant heating systems using the glueless click-lock method.” 


  • Planks
  • Tiles
  • Tongue and groove 

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