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glued-down COREtec vinyl planks

Flooring installation methods 

Definition of Glue-Down

Glue-down is a flooring installation method that utilizes adhesives to bond flooring materials in place. It’s used for most floors, including solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl planks.

The glue-down method is suitable for high foot traffic areas as it creates a strong and durable bond that remains intact for a long time. Glued-down floors also work great in high-moisture areas because flooring adhesives prevent water damage.

Unfortunately, glue-down floor installation is time-consuming, labor-intensive, requires specialized tools, and may be unsuitable for some flooring and subfloor types. So, it isn’t preferred over other installation methods like glueless click-lock.

Example of Glue-Down in a Sentence

“Glue-down flooring is necessary in commercial or public spaces to reduce the physical movement of the floor.”

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