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Beveled Edge

Finish type

Definition of Beveled Edge

A beveled edge is a type of finish where the floor’s edge is cut at a slight angle. The result is a sloping edge that allows for a smooth transition between two adjacent hardwood, laminate, or vinyl planks.

Beveled edges add to the aesthetic of a floor and also prevent people from tripping over the floor’s edge. This makes beveled edge flooring perfect for high-traffic areas.

Beveled edges must be properly aligned to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, and they must also be sealed well to prevent moisture damage and maintain the integrity of the edge finish.

Manufacturers create beveled edges by cutting the edge of flooring at an angle between 1–5 degrees. For instance, hardwood flooring typically has a beveled edge with a 5-degree angle, while laminate flooring has a beveled edge with a 2-degree angle.

Example of Beveled Edge in a Sentence

“The beveled edge finish comes with other decorative finishes like grooves and chamfers, which add texture and depth to the flooring.”

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