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Flooring finish

Definition of Cove

Cove is a type of trim that’s applied to the edges of a floor to help create a smooth transition between the floor and the wall. 

Unlike baseboards, a cove is created using vinyl, rubber, or vinyl-rubber blends.

Cove molding plays three key roles:

  • Adds to the aesthetic appeal of a room
  • Prevents tripping
  • Protects the wall and floor edge from scuffs and scratches

It's installed using the same high-quality adhesive used to install flooring materials. The edges of the cove are aligned with the flooring material and held in place with painter’s tape or masking tape until it’s fully cured.

Finally, it should be finished with a coat of floor finish to match the rest of the flooring.

Example of Cove in a Sentence

“A vinyl cove base is a great option for apartments, condos, and other residential living spaces.”


  • Cove base
  • Cove molding

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