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staircase with mosaic tile flooring

Flooring type

Definition of Mosaic

Mosaic is an ancient art form. In flooring, mosaic refers to a flooring pattern that involves the use of colorful glass, stone, tile, ceramic, or porcelain pieces to create unique designs.

The pieces are arranged on a flat adhesive surface, and the spaces between the chips are then filled with plaster, mortar, cement, or grout

Mosaic tiles are extremely versatile because any colors and patterns can be combined to create a visually appealing design.

Mosaic tile patterns are a money-saving flooring option that can be used over an entire floor or as a focal point. 

They’re chemically stable, meaning that they’re not easily stained and are resistant to wear and tear. The grout joints, however, are prone to staining and will require more elbow grease in order to retain their original color.

Example of Mosaic in a Sentence

“The art gallery floor was a mosaic of autumn colors.”

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