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laying of waterproof poly film underlayment


Definition of Waterproof

Waterproof flooring is the type that remains impervious or unaffected by water in any condition. 

The term waterproof is easily confused with the terms water resistant and water repellent, but here’s how the three terms differ in flooring and other applications:

  • Water resistant: Flooring can resist penetration of water to a certain degree. It's typically coated to make it resistant to water damage caused by splashes and accidental spillage.
  • Water repellent: Flooring is not easily penetrated by water. Water-repellent coatings makes it possible for your flooring to survive a flood.

Example of Waterproof in a Sentence

“Waterproof flooring is a non-negotiable for pet parents who want to keep their homes smelling fresh and clean.”


  • Sealed
  • Impervious 
  • Impermeable 

Related Terms:

  • Water resistant
  • Water repellent