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COREtec, Waterproof Flooring for Pets: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets

  • Andrew Uhacz

COREtec Plus

Waterproof Vinyl Plank Floors

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Waterproof Flooring for Dogs

If you ever wondered if COREtec Plus (Residential) and COREtec Pro (Commercial Grade) floors are good for pets, they are. You'll be happy to know COREtec is the best flooring for dogs if you have a puppy or adult pooch living mostly indoors.

COREtec's scratch resistance is what makes this work, something impossible with real wood floors. Dogs can easily scratch your floor when they play around your home. This might be due to your dog's sharp nails if you haven't had them clipped lately.

Dog standing on waterproof flooring

The same can happen when your dog spills food or water in their feeding areas. On a hardwood surface, that food and water could seep into the hardwood plank seams, causing deterioration over time.

Also, if your dog isn't fully potty-trained yet, urine stains and unwanted scents are going to permeate your hardwood floor.

Vinyl floors are simply a better choice for dog owners. COREtec floors lead here thanks to the above materials. These floors are also stain-resistant if you clean up immediately after.  

COREtec's floor products even hold up to intense "paw" traffic if you have more than one dog. You might have numerous dogs who play over your vinyl floors daily. An acrylic finish surface helps protect in all ways beyond stains. If you have intense human traffic as well, the floor can take a beating and not wear out after a year.

From the perspective of your dogs, they'll appreciate COREtec's cork underlayment. Cork helps the floor feel soft when walked on, something your puppies and adult dogs will love while they run and play.

Also, keep in mind COREtec floors have excellent sound absorption. Now you can prevent any barking from becoming overly loud. We all know younger dogs can bark incessantly before being trained. Being able to control that sound when guests are visiting you is why vinyl planks are so popular.

Any dog urine that seeps through to the second layer of a COREtec floor is also prevented from turning into mildew or mold. 

Now your dogs can live their lifetimes with your COREtec vinyl planks without the disruption of an emergency floor replacement.

Waterproof Flooring for Cats

You might have a house full of cats, but what are they doing to your floor if using real hardwood? Those looking for an alternative should know COREtec is the best flooring for cats, no matter how many well-trained felines you have. For cats that pee too much outside their litter box, COREtec is also the best floor on the market.

Thanks to the stain-resistant acrylic finish of all COREtec floor brands, cat pee is no problem. Just remember that all stains need cleaning as soon as possible.

Cat on wood floor 

Your cats can do a lot more on your COREtec floor without causing any damage. The first of these is resistance to scratches if you haven't declawed your cats. All cat owners know how sharp cat claws are and how it can lead to irreversible scratches on hardwood surfaces. COREtec floors continue to withstand scratches, and scuffing as well. Now your cats can play to their hearts' content on your floor without making you nervous.

Cat shedding is also better controlled. Cleaning works so easily with COREtec floors that cat fur is no problem. By doing simple sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, fur is more easily picked up, offering a better alternative to carpeting.

A house full of cats may also mean plenty of spills around their feeding and water bowls. COREtec's patented acrylic finish prevents any of those stains from becoming permanent after a wipe-up.

Having a large group of cats in your household may also mean placing as much weight on your vinyl floor as several dogs. The durability of COREtec floors means it takes on considerable weight without denting. 

Let's also not forget what it sounds like when cats meow incessantly. This could become a little loud when you have visiting guests. The sound absorption from COREtec's cork underlay helps control this noise so it doesn't sound like an echo chamber in your kitchen or other rooms.

And, your cats will love the comfort of the cork from your COREtec vinyl planks. Playing on hardwood might not feel too comfortable for them, let alone a surface like that being ruined. Your cats can play on COREtec floors for hours and feel as comfortable as playing on a carpet.

Waterproof Flooring for Rabbits

Domesticating specific animals is an ongoing pastime with many. Some of you may have rabbits, either in the house or within nearby pens and hutches. How do you protect your floor from these pet rabbits?

It's no secret rabbits are still wild and can wreak havoc on something like a real hardwood floor. Most rabbits chew and nibble on everything they can find. They may do the same on your wood floor, not including chewing on other items that could leave behind debris and stains.

You may have also designed a specific floor for them in the rabbit pens. What kind of floor did you put in there? 

One thing you might not know about rabbits is they have overly-sensitive feet. "Sore hocks" can often become a major health problem for them if not having a comfortable floor surface to navigate their surroundings. A real hardwood floor would likely be too hard for them, not including making it difficult to move around. Also, carpeting is out of the question considering they'd chew on it. 

COREtec flooring provides convenient vinyl plank options for your pet rabbit. It starts with a smooth, stain-resistant acrylic surface. As your rabbits hop around your indoor floors, any feces they leave behind (and they will) is easy to clean without leaving stains. The same goes for urine.

What's most important is to consider using COREtec vinyl plank flooring in the rabbit's pen. Thanks to the cork underlay of COREtec floors, your pet rabbit is going to feel more comfortable on a vinyl plank surface. This helps further if you make the pen or hutch big enough for them to move around so they don't roam free. 

One thing to know about placing a COREtec vinyl floor in a rabbit cage is to leave an extra lip on the edges. Any rough edges or corners of vinyl flooring could mean your pet rabbit chewing on it over time. Your rabbits could be harmed by this since vinyl is a synthetic material.

Your pet rabbit's feet are going to feel better now with this option. Since many rabbits are used to wire floors in cages, some never consider those surfaces are a detriment. COREtec provides a non-slippery, durable vinyl floor for rabbits, and many other domesticated animals. 

Remember, though: If your pet rabbit roams the house, clean your COREtec floor as often as possible. COREtec offers a cleaning solution to ensure stains never set in.

Waterproof Floors for Ferrets

Those of you with pet ferrets in your household should give some thought to the flooring your furry friend is walking on. Whether you keep them in a cage or made them domesticated enough to wander around your home, what flooring is best for ferrets? 

The best answer to that might be vinyl flooring from COREtec. Two types of flooring to avoid with ferrets are wire and carpet. Wire flooring in a cage is overly hard on ferret paws. Carpeting is out because ferrets might chew on it and become sick. 

Vinyl flooring is a great option for either the ferret cage or in your home. Some good reasons are behind this. First, COREtec vinyl flooring's stain resistance is essential with any domesticated animal. If you let your pet ferret roam around your floors, they're inevitably going to poop and pee there eventually.

Any feces or urine is easily cleanable thanks to COREtec's acrylic surface. The second mineral core layer here will also absorb any ferret pee if it happens to seep in. 

Take some time to think about the floor you're using for your ferret. Wood is simply impossible to keep up if your pet ferret poops and pees on it regularly. This will just contaminate the wood and force you to replace it sooner than later.

Many ferret owners create "ferret rooms" that allow their pet critters to move around freely in a confined space. A COREtec vinyl plank floor is a perfect choice beyond better ferret mobility. The floor's scratch resistance means you can have multiple litter boxes, hammocks, bedding, and toys in the ferret room without leaving any permanent marks.

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