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Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

structure of COREtec SPC

Flooring types

Definition of Stone Plastic Composite

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is a premium LVT flooring material that’s multi-layered and 100% waterproof

The core of SPC flooring is made with PVC plastic and stone powder, which makes it wear and abrasion resistant.

It has more layers than regular vinyl flooring, which significantly contributes to its resistance. These layers include:

  • UV layer: Prevents fading when floor is exposed to UV rays while ensuring stain and water resistance
  • Wear layer: Embossed to enhance floor color and patterns while protecting the floor from abrasion, wear, and tear
  • Decorative layer: Available in a variety of patterns
  • SPC core: Rigid core layer that helps the material retain its strength and form
  • Bottom layer: Backing material made from cork or foam to provide cushioning

SPC flooring is durable and doesn’t expand or contact with changing temperatures or humidity. 

Example of Stone Plastic Composite in a Sentence

“SPC flooring is installed using a click style system that doesn’t require gluing or nailing down.”

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