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Back Layer

Flooring layers

Definition of Back Layer

The back layer is the lowermost layer of a flooring material like laminate or vinyl. 

It is meant to provide the flooring with stability and structural support and is therefore made of dense and durable materials like plywood or high-density fiberboard.

Plywood is commonly used to create back layers. Several layers of solid thin wood are glued together at 90-degree angles and pressed together to form a dense structural sheet. It’s rigid and doesn’t swell, making it great for use with most types of flooring materials, including vinyl and laminate flooring.

The thickness of the back layer typically ranges between 4 and 6 mm, and the right thickness will depend on the type of flooring and its intended use. 

Example of Back Layer in a Sentence

“Commercial or industrial grade floors have a thicker back layer compared to floors meant for residential use.”


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