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Grade Level

living area two grade levels

Flooring condition 

Definition of Grade Level

Grade level refers to the height of a floor relative to the ground level outside a building. In simpler terms, it’s the story of a home.

The grade level of a floor determines the appearance, functionality, and floor covering used

For instance, a high-grade level floor, such as an attic, needs to have more structural integrity than a low-grade level. Whereas low-grade level floors, like a basement, require waterproofing and drainage systems to prevent damage caused by flooding.

To ensure proper grade leveling, one must consider:

  • Local building codes and regulations
  • Intended use of a space
  • Specific requirements of the flooring material being used

Example of Grade Level in a Sentence

“The first floor of a home is usually on grade level, so the floors above it are above grade level, and those beneath it are below grade level.”


  • Story
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  • Floor grade

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