Flooring properties

Definition of Density

The density of a flooring material refers to the amount of material present in a given area. It’s measured in pounds per square foot (psf) or kilograms per square foot (kg/m2).

The following table shows the density of some popular flooring materials.

Flooring Material Density in (kg/m2)
Vinyl 2.1
Laminated board 6.0
Hardwood 13.4

Source: ResearchGate

Higher density materials are more resistant to wear and tear, warping, and deformation than lower density materials. Therefore, high-density materials are suitable for high-traffic areas, like offices and living rooms while low-density materials are best for low-traffic areas, like bedrooms.

Example of Density in a Sentence

“The density of a flooring material determines where it’s installed.”


  • Thickness
  • Denseness
  • Compactness

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