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Armstrong Vinyl Tile Adhesives

Armstrong Vinyl Tile Adhesives

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Make sure you don't void your manufacturer’s warranty by not using the recommended tile adhesive for your floor tile. Only Armstrong tile adhesives like S-515 and S-750 are guaranteed to work with all vinyl composition tiles. These adhesives work on most subfloors where you plan on installing tiles, from stone, concrete, and hardwood to ceramic tile subfloors.

When it comes time to lay the tile, spread the adhesive with a notched trowel. Let the adhesive set, ensuring there’s enough to fill in possible gaps between the tile and substrate. Position the tile flooring into place after determining the layout. Finally, wipe away the excess adhesive.

The best kind of glue to use in a commercial setting is always the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. Here at Floor City, we carry a variety of flooring adhesives, whether you plan on remodeling your flooring or prolonging the life of your floors. Use them for VCT or LVT, linoleum, ceramic, hardwood flooring, and so on.

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Armstrong Commercial Adhesives

Armstrong Flooring manufactures a variety of adhesives, from VCT to BBT Bio-Flooring to epoxy to urethane and acrylic. Armstrong's adhesives are meant to provide maximum grip with unparalleled performance.

It doesn't matter if it's a high-moisture area or a dissipative tile or if the subfloor is hardwood or ceramic; Armstrong is known to be an industry leader! It can be used with various products like Armstrong’s Chromaspin, Excelon (Crown Texture, Stonetex, Companion Square, Imperial Texture, Rave, Feature Tile and Strips), Raffia; Safety Zone, Migrations BBT, Striations BBT, and more.