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Armstrong Stratamax Reviews - Affordable Residential Sheet Vinyl


Armstrong Residential Sheet Vinyl

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If you’ve ever purchased a floor in your life, you’ve likely at least heard of Armstrong as one of the leading brands. Always place them on your short list if you’re considering a vinyl floor. They’re one of the leaders in this type of flooring, especially residential sheet vinyl.

  • They make this product specifically for busy homes like yours. Considering it’s sold in sheets, you’re also able to install it in a faster way than you’d find with tiles or planks.
  • Armstrong’s StrataMax collection is where you’ll find some top-tier vinyl floor features. Take a look at the various attributes and what our customers at Floor City say.

5 Affordable Sheet Vinyl Collections


  • StrataMax Value Plus
  • StrataMax Value
  • StrataMax Good
  • StrataMax Best
  • StrataMax Better

All have become very popular recently thanks to using a 70% limestone base layer. This helps bring superior resistance to the worst wear and tear, including rips, tears, or gouges.

Further protection comes from the wear layer that helps shield from scratching, scuffing, or annoying stains.

In busy homes, this is ideal, especially if you entertain often in your home. Your foot traffic may resemble something close to a commercial business, which isn’t unusual for many people.

Just because you see a “residential vinyl sheet” designation, though, doesn’t mean you can’t use this floor in a business. Since this floor can withstand a beating in any setting, an overly chaotic business would do well using this.

Reviewers for StrataMax floors continually praise these durable qualities Armstrong provides. Yet, it pays to look at some of the individual floor features to give you a better idea of whether they’d work for your home.

Armstrong provides a lot of sheet vinyl products. Regardless, StrataMax offers numerous colors, textures, two convenient sizes, easy maintenance, and generous warranties.

StrataMax Value Plus

This is the most prevalent flooring option available with 114 different products. StrataMax Value Plus lives up to its name because it offers large rolls and a durable thickness.

One of the standout features here is MasterWorks 3D Technology applied to give the real look of wood and other natural materials. Thanks to this advanced technology, most experts can’t tell the difference between a real natural floor and vinyl sheet.

You can count on this, even if you’re looking at the floor at close range. It makes buying a real hardwood or other natural material floor completely unnecessary when you consider how expensive they usually are. Vinyl is already an affordable material. When it was added to flooring, it made a perfectly durable floor at a quarter of the price.

Many of these StrataMax products also have a CleanSweep G Finish, giving it a perfectly polished look Armstrong is known for on an international scale.

A ToughGuard Flex backing also helps add further durability to each sheet. You’ll find these features in items like the Beige n’ Grey through the Value Plus collection.

The look of traditional wood is the most prominent look available in the Armstrong inventory. Other looks available include stone and distressed wood.

Reviewers for this collection continually praise the great price and provide details of what rooms they use it in. We’re always receiving surprising comments, so feel free to write us a review to let us know how StrataMax Value Plus works for you.

StrataMax Value

In this collection, you can enjoy the same features, only without the “Plus” in the title. Don’t let that deter you from enjoying this affordable floor with even more varied patterns.

The only major difference is you don’t get the look of distressed wood in this collection. Regardless, you get two large sizes to help you with any shaped room.

These width sizes are either 12 ft. or 6 ft. They’re available in each StrataMax collection covered in this article.

Thickness level is also very strong here at 61 mils.  As with all Armstrong floors, this gives you tremendous durability if your floor gets a major workout from kids, pets, or even heavy furniture.

The patterns you’ll receive are also beautiful. The Natural product gives you an attractive tan wood color that matches well with most interior designs. It’s available only in the 12 ft. width, helping you do a quicker installation.

A major advantage to vinyl sheet rolls is you can often install in either one or several pieces. When you have a deadline on installation, this is going to make a big difference in not having to disrupt your home for an entire week.

Another great feature in this collection and all of Armstrong’s StrataMax floors is the use of their patented Diamond 10 Technology. They use real diamonds in the floor materials to help avoid any scratches or scuffing. In other words, these floors will look new for a longer period of time.

For more comfort in general, look to StrataMax Value and its associated products. Some vinyl floors are comfortable to walk on in your socks or bare feet, though not all. Not only will you find this comfy, but your pets will as well. After all, they’ll be spending more time on this floor (including likely napping on it) than you will.

StrataMax Good

If you’re looking for something that’s durable and easy to clean, Stratamax Good is another great choice.

With 44 products available in 12 ft. widths and 15 products in 6 ft. widths, you have options depending on the size of your rooms.

While many of our customers use StrataMax floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, its aesthetic qualities lend it to being used in other rooms. You should consider using it in guest rooms or even bedrooms.

Those of you wanting slightly darker colors will find some very good choices in the Good collection. For instance, the Dock Gray product gives you a beautifully rustic hardwood look that works on any type of subfloor.

At 65 mils thickness, this has a little better durability than the products in the Value collection.

These also provide a 20-year limited residential warranty. Always check the warranties on Armstrong flooring, because they all vary based on the product and where it’s used. Generally, residential warranties last longer than commercial warranties.

In this case, because StrataMax floors are made for busier homes, the warranties aren’t always for life. Twenty years is still a good long time for repairs if you discover the floor has product defects.

These warranties only cover manufacturing defects and not any stains you created yourself. Proper cleaning is important in this case so stains don’t set in.

All you’ll need to get this installed is a 12-inch band of adhesive. Temperature controls are essential when applying adhesives, so hiring a professional might be better if this is your first install.

We’re awaiting new reviews for this collection. Your reviews help our other customers make a smarter decision on what type of floor they need.

StrataMax Best

For even more durable qualities, the StrataMax Best collection scales up when your floor has more floor traffic than you care to have.

Just having a large family can make your floor wear out quickly without finding something with a strong wear layer.

This uses the Armstrong CleanSweep Plus feature on its wear layer for added protection and even superior sound absorption. Thickness level is at 0.085”, making it solid.

It’s possible to place this over subfloors like concrete, wood, vinyl, hardwood, or ceramic.

These floors provide even more attractive patterns and colors. Some of them are unique just to this collection, some of which are our bestsellers. One of those bestselling products is the Hunters Gray floor. You’ll find a very beautiful gray pattern here you can easily match with other muted colors.

When you buy this and other StrataMax floors, you’ll be enjoying a loose lay installation, no matter if installing in or taking it out. Not only does this save time for the initial install, it also saves time when you need to replace your flooring in the future.

Builders and property managers frequently write us reviews saying StrataMax Best is one of their favorites for this reason. Of course, the higher you go in each StrataMax collection, the more durability you’ll enjoy.

A lot of reviews are available for this collection on the Armstrong site. Two reviewers for the popular Distressed Hickory product were impressed with this floor for two specific reasons. The first found it perfect for their pets and how easy cleaning was. In the second, the reviewer mentioned they installed it in a basement bathroom. Latter also mentions how they can now avoid excessive cleaning, denting, and warping so common in real hardwood floors.

StrataMax Better

Here you’ll find some of the best durability available in the StrataMax collections. Thickness level goes up to 0.070”, giving you even more protection if things become crazy in your home year-round.

Warranty on this collection goes up to 25 years for residences on a limited basis. Wear layer is another use of the CleanSweep technology Armstrong patented.

We want to make sure this type of floor works for your environment. As a result, we highly recommend we send you a sample so you can test it in a particular room. We send these samples for free to make your buying experience more convenient.

Another reason we do this is because the colors and patterns you see on your computer screen aren’t always accurate unless seeing them with your own eyes. Since we ship out samples the same day, you won’t waste time figuring out whether these StrataMax floors are really your best choice.

Check out some of the reviews for StrataMax Better floors on the Armstrong website. One reviewer notes how well this floor works in a small space. They say the Ancient Slate product managed to bring a wow factor to their small bathroom.

Another reviewer says they used one of these floors because they had three kids. It was subsequently used in their kitchen and dining room areas. Best yet, the floor masked food crumbs, allowing only once-a-day vacuuming rather than every hour.

We invite you to write a review for this and all StrataMax floors. All reviews are dated and posted immediately.  We want our customers to see further proof why vinyl roll flooring has become so popular with buyers.

Buying StrataMax Floors Online Rather Than in a Big Box Store

You can probably find these Armstrong floors in some home goods stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart.

In the chance you find these in stock there, you’ll notice one bad thing: The price will typically be 20% more than what you’ll find online.

Take some time to look around online where you’ll be more apt to find discounts. However, we can save you the trouble doing a lengthy Google search by visiting us at Floor City first.

Once you see our price quotes, you’ll realize you won’t find any better prices through other online sources.

Even more important, you’ll get the customer service you deserve. Many employees in big box stores are only there to make a sale and nothing more. They also don’t typically have anyone with expert knowledge about StrataMax floors.

Any questions you send to us about these floors are answered immediately, whether through our chat portal, by email, or by phone.

Placing Your Order

Simply call us at (800) 898-9540 to start the ordering process. Our floors are always in stock, and we have pickup locations across the nation, some of which reach as far as New Hampshire.

Shipping is also possible nationwide, something you’ll notice when you see our reviewers from other U.S. states.

We hope this helped you appreciate Armstrong’s StrataMax floors a little better. Check out our site and product review pages to show you how reliable Armstrong floors continue to be and likely always will.

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