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Forbo Marmoleum Reviews: Features, Customer Comments


Marmoleum Marbled Real

Forbo Linoleum Flooring

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If you’re looking for the very best flooring brands, you can easily whittle it down to a Top Five list. Within this short list, you’ll always find Forbo continually ranked top-tier.

They’re renowned for producing sustainable linoleum floors with the best materials to use in businesses and homes. Their Marmoleum collections offer considerable variety in numerous flooring styles, colors, and sizes.

Reviewers on our site, Floor City, often praise these floors for their durability and overall material quality. Let’s look at some Marmoleum flooring features and what our customers say about them.


Marmoleum Composition Tile (MCT)

Those of you looking for an alternative to vinyl flooring will find a lot to like in this Forbo collection. Laminate tile flooring is often called VCT (for vinyl composition tile) and has considerable eco-friendliness Forbo is know to focus on.

With Marmoleum Composition Tile, you’re getting a floor completely safe from any chemicals. It uses renewable and bio-based materials to adhere to your home or business’s green initiatives.

Many people called this and other Marmoleum floors the “40-year linoleum” because of how long it lasts. Keep in mind this applies for both residential and commercial applications, making it one of the rare floors you can use successfully in both places.

When it comes to colors, you have a lot of options compared to what you’d find in hardwood or stone vinyl floors. Basic colors offered include:

  • Brown (The most available color in their inventory.)
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Tan
  • White
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Red

As you can see, there’s a color for any type of design situation, though the more muted colors are always popular.

Many reviewers on our site tell us where they used their Marmoleum Composition Tile. One reviewer from earlier this year said they used theirs on their kitchen floor. She also praised how easy our site was to navigate and our fast response.

We always appreciate other reviewers who say they like our helpful and friendly service. A reviewer who praised the Graphite MCT floor loved our attention to quality customer service.

Standard size for MCT flooring is 13”x13”, which should help you with any sized space.

As with all Forbo floors, this Marmoleum product holds more environmental certifications than any other flooring brand in the world.

Call us about available discount prices.

Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC

For a more custom floor, you might want to try the Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC collection, named after its convenient installation system.

Another sustainable floor, it’s a linoleum product that’s also very water-resistant. You should use this in places where water could be a problem like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or basements.

The materials used in this are top-notch, and it involves linoleum mounted on high-density fiberboard (HDF). Plus, it has a cork backing to make it comfortable to walk on with your bare feet. Using cork also helps on sound absorption, something you should consider seriously if you have busy homes or loud customers.

From an environmental standpoint, the use of anti-static and anti-microbial properties works to reduce allergens. Since this also helps repel dust and dirt, cleaning is also easier.

With an easy, patented locking system bypassing the use of adhesives, you can usually install this on your own. However, don’t skip over the need to hire a professional installer if you’ve never installed a floor.

Colors on this particular floor include many of the same for MCT above, with 28 in total. A few differences:

  • A multicolor version is available here in nine different products.
  • No white color is available in the Click Cinch LOC floors.
  • Tan is not available either.

Sizes available are either 12”x36”, or 12”x12”, with the former being panels and the latter being squares. These help with moderately sized rooms, whether a showroom in your business, or a chaotic kitchen in your home.

Reviewers love the easy install method of this floor, including our price. We request you call us to find out about cost, though you’re guaranteed a cheaper price than just about anywhere else.

One reviewer for the Donkey Island Click Cinch floor appreciated our attention to sending out free samples so they could make a smarter decision before buying.

Be sure to watch our handy installation guide video to give you an understanding of how your install will go.

Marmoleum Real

Here you have linoleum rolls that give you the stunning look of marble. Marmoleum Real is a classy floor offering a lot more possibilities in how you want to customize.

Part of this customization comes in more extensive colors so you can match any design concept. With 59 of these colors available, it’s one of the most diverse of any Marmoleum collection.

As you may already know about linoleum, this is going to last a near lifetime. It’s not out of the ordinary to see linoleum rolls last up to four decades, making it possible to hold up for at least one generation.

You can experiment further with the floor’s patterns. Buying either Marmoleum Vivace or Fresco allows you to create a mix of modern or industrial-themed colors. A lot of our reviewers love this classic aesthetic, especially for businesses wanting a unique atmosphere.

Out of the 59 colors, beige is the most prominent. Blue and stone have become the second and third most available color.

Sizes come in 79”x 105’, making this considerably larger, which rolls help with during installation. With sheet rolls, you can usually install the floor all in one piece. Yet, if you’ve never done this before, always hire a professional. We’re available to help you make the right decision.

Reviewers on our site are always commenting positively about Marmoleum Real floors. One comment from a recent customer mentioned we helped them get this floor quickly after needing one in a hurry.  You can definitely count on us for having the floor in stock and not making you wait if you have a deadline.

Be sure to check out Forbo’s YouTube page where you’ll find a lot of information about how they make these floors. One video about how they manufacture their linoleum seen in the Marmoleum collections is well worth the watch.

Marmoleum Walton Uni

Another popular linoleum sheet roll, the Marmoleum Walton Uni collection, comes in only four different products. While a smaller collection, it’s become very popular thanks to using uni colors like gray and black.

Many of our customers prefer these classic colors because they work so well in most settings. For a business or homeowner like you, this is an excellent choice if you want something basic and don’t have time to match any other color.

Sometimes contractors are on a tight schedule and need to make a fast choice on flooring. Those of you in this situation can turn to this floor in confidence and enjoy discount pricing.

These gray and black tones are also perfect for creating a modern urban feel if your new business is going for this ambience.

Sizes here are the same as Marmoleum Real at 79”x105.’ Sheet rolls are great for a faster installation, even though things can go awry if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Considering this offers less installation time, a professional install is going to cost you less if you hire someone.

Reviewers for this floor continually tell us which rooms they use it in. One recent customer said they’re considering using this in their kitchen, bathroom, or even their bedroom. Yes, the aesthetic beauty of these floors lends themselves to being used in any living space with heavy floor traffic.

The reviewer above asked us for samples, and she ultimately liked them. We’re available to send out free samples whenever you need them so you can make a better decision on what to buy. We do this because colors don’t always translate well on computer screens, hence requiring using a real sample to test with your environment.

Like all floors above, call us for price. You’re going to be happy with the price we quote compared to what’s found in big box stores.


Marmoleum Walton Cirrus

Once again, you get a slightly marbled structure on this floor like you do on other Marmoleum floors. With Marmoleum Walton Cirrus, a uni-marbled effect brings a subtle leather appearance, making it a recent favorite with our customers.

Rather than just greys and black, you have twelve accented colors on this collection. When you need brighter colors for specific business branding, you can get colors like blue, green, purple, red, and brown.

This is also a linoleum sheet product, bringing the standard 79”x105’ size to make sizing simple.

Eleven different products are available under this collection with names like Rosemary Green, Cardboard, Berlin Red, and Lilac.

Please write us a review if you happen to buy one of these floors. They’re applicable in just about any space requiring the durability of linoleum. When you write a review, you’re helping our customers make a more educated decision on what they need.

Forbo Residential

The Marmoleum collection continues through a specialized category: Forbo Residential with more natural floors.

Marmoleum Click Cinch LOC floors play a big factor in these linoleum sheet rolls designed for your home. You’ll also find eight different product names with specific features for more customization.

It starts with Marmoleum Vivace, offering more diverse color contrasts within a contemporary feel. With 300 colors, you can also get subtle marbled designs, the look of modern concrete, and various striped patterns.

Marmoleum Fresco is another popular variation with nineteen warmer colors. It uses a tone-on-tone concept so you can enjoy warmer colors like orange.

Check out the other product variations in this collection like Marmoleum Piano (complete with a two-tone speckle effect), Marmoleum Striato, Marmoleum Concrete, Marmoleum Modular Color, Marmoleum Modular Marbled, and Marmoleum Modular Shade.

Numerous reviews exist for the Forbo Residential line. A recent reviewer mentioned they used the Marmoleum Fresco floor in their basement. Plus, they appreciated the myriad options available to fit their décor.

Another reviewer for the Marmoleum Striato floor picked a sample to test in a 10x7 kitchen in their home.

Along with the durableness of this and all Forbo floors, the colors on these won’t fade, no matter how much sun they’re exposed to. The anti-static feature on these products also helps repel dust so those with allergies won’t have troubles. It’s quite a contrast from owning carpet and putting up with constant dust buildup.

Buying Your Marmoleum Floors Online Rather Than a Big Box Store

Spend any time in a Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart, and you’ll likely run across employees who are only there to make a sale. Because these stores have numerous home goods departments, you can’t expect to find anyone who’s a complete expert in flooring.

These stores also charge you 20% more than what you’d find if going through a real flooring company. You’re better off going online where you’ll find flooring e-commerce across the continents.

Here in America, a lot of good ones exist, but they don’t always give you the best possible price. When we opened Floor City, we wanted to provide a unique source where floor buyers can receive a discount without sacrificing quality.

We think we’ve accomplished this, including assembling a team of flooring experts you can trust.

No matter the question you have about Forbo floors, we’re there to answer them. Simply use our chat portal, send an email, or call us.

You’re going to need as much information as possible before buying a floor when you consider how significant of an investment it is.

Placing Your Order

Simply call us at (800) 898-9540 to place your order through our site. We always ship out within 24 hours, so you’re guaranteed a fast shipment if you have a deadline.

Our pickup centers are available across the nation. Now you can pick up your floor as far as the U.S. East Coast if you’re not near our Vancouver, Washington headquarters.

Take some time to read our site and product review pages to give you an idea of what other reviewers think of Marmoleum floors. Your opinions will always be posted in our review sections accordingly.

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