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Marmoleum (Sheet and Tile)

Marmoleum (Sheet and Tile)

4.97 / 5 stars, 38 reviews

Marmoleum is Forbo’s main linoleum brand. It’s an extremely durable, natural floor covering that offers the most sustainable choice to those who prefer a resilient floor. The Forbo Marmoleum range includes solutions for virtually any type of application, with over 300 colors and 9 different structures to choose from. Get it in sheet or tile formats.

All Marmoleum floors now include Topshield2, a double UV-cured surface finish that helps maintain a lasting appearance with lower maintenance (cost of ownership) over its lifetime.

What Makes Marmoleum an Excellent Flooring Choice

Aside from its eco-friendly components, Marmoleum has an anti-static feature, making it less prone to attracting dust or dirt. It is a fantastic choice for homeowners with allergies or respiratory issues. Marmoleum is also known for its warm underfoot, making it a delight to walk on. And not only is it comfortable, but it’s also less likely to make a noise, leaving you with a quiet, relaxing home.

If you’re looking for a durable, environmentally friendly, and stylish flooring option, you won’t regret getting Marmoleum for your home or commercial projects. Get it now at Floor City! We’ve got a wide range of sheet and tile options, multiple color choices, and stunning textures for you to choose from. Shop now!