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Armstrong Luxe Plank with FasTak Reviews


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Armstrong Luxe Plank

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Fastak 100% Waterproof Wood and Stone Flooring: Quick & Easy Installation

If you’ve ever had the experience of a real hardwood or stone floor in your home, you probably remember how much upkeep it required. It also likely wore out within a year or two due to heavy floor traffic.

  • This scenario was a standard in many homes for decades before better flooring technology came along. Armstrong became one of the leaders in providing imitation hardwood and stone using vinyl.
  • They’ve created numerous vinyl flooring products, but their Luxe Plank with FasTak Install has become one of their most popular.
  • The easy installation is just one reason for its popularity. Let’s look at its unique features and what our reviewers on Floor City continue to say.

Designed for High Traffic Homes

It might sound impossible for a home to be as busy as a commercial business. Yet, consider how much entertaining you’re doing in your abode. You may hold a lot of business parties at least once per week.

Or, you may be starting a large family and have the sound of tiny feet running around the house every day. When you include the tiny paws of pets as well, you can see your floors are getting as much traffic as a retail store.

Armstrong made this Luxe Plank floor for the busiest homes. Nevertheless, designations on these products are only for reference. Don’t think you can’t use this floor in a business based on its beautiful aesthetic quality and durability.

The durableness of the floor goes on a long-standing Armstrong standard. This is based on their use of a urethane wear later that’s guaranteed to hold up from scratching, scuffing, or stains.

While you do have to clean any spills as soon as possible, it’s easy to maintain with just a simple wipe-up.

Our reviewers continually praise how steadfast this floor is in busy areas of their home. We always appreciate it when these customers tell us which rooms they use this floor in.

Two reviewers over the last six years mentioned they used Luxe Plank FastTak in their rec rooms. The most recent reviewer praised our speedy quotes and easy online purchase methods, including no tax or shipping charges.

You’ll also notice we had a promotion going last year where we gave away Starbucks gift cards if customers sent us a photo of their floor after it was installed. Keep watching us for similar promotions in the months and years to come.

A Waterproof Floor

Not all vinyl floors are waterproof. Fortunately, Armstrong continues to create one-of-a-kind technology that makes their floors hold up under reasonable amounts of water.

Luxe Plank FastTak floors won’t swell, buckle, or lose integrity if exposed to minor dampness. Mind you, they aren’t flood-proof, despite still being impervious to any water you track in. Also, it’ll still hold up if you have a minor water disaster in your basement, kitchen, or laundry room.

Whether it’s planks or in tile form, the secret comes in the powerful wear layer and the quality of the vinyl used in the planks. Armstrong’s patented Rigid Core technology plays a big part as well, including an attached cork underlayment.

In situations where your floor encounters water, it’s a true advantage not having to replace your planks, especially at the most inopportune times. If you have a real hardwood or stone floor, it could be completely ruined in a similar flooding situation.

Even though this floor is made for homes, using it for water resistance in a business is certainly possible. Your floor could see a lot of water just from foot traffic alone if you reside in an overly rainy climate.

Reviewers continue to note on our site that these floors use commercial grade materials, something you can’t find in all brands.

Finding the Right Size

You’ll find four different sizes in Luxe Plank FasTak products.  The most prevalent is 6”x48”, which fits most standard rooms.

Second most available is 7”x48”, followed by 12”x24”, and 18”x18”. Larger sizes are good for homes with roomier spaces.

Generally, you receive 12 planks per box, making it easy to pick up, transport, and carry into your home. Thickness level of each plank is 0.160”, proving the product’s further durableness.

We’re available to help you find the size you need. It’s important that you request a free sample, something we can ship out the same day. With a free sample, you’ll know what really works in your home rather than depending exclusively on an online image.

Keep in mind Armstrong also offers a digital room designer page where you can see what these floors look like in typical household areas. This also allows you to upload an image of your own room as a form of augmented reality.

Feel free to write us a review about which size worked for you and what rooms you used this floor in.

Finding the Right Color and Look

Colors available in Luxe Plank FasTak give you the beautiful patterns and textures you’re likely familiar with in real hardwood. You do get a lot of variety in the Luxe Plank patterns, but gray is the most widely available.

Other colors include Red-Brown, Beige, Black, Brown, Dark-Brown, Orange, Tan, and even White.

These work with just about any interior design for a pleasing combination and proper matching.

Take some time out to figure what kind of hardwood look you want. Four different types are available, starting with specialty wood. Stones & Naturals is another, along with traditional wood and distressed wood.

For a convincingly rustic appearance, you can’t beat these patterns, including looking like the real thing at close range. Have an expert check it out when it’s installed. They won’t be able to tell the difference.

Read some of the reviews over on the Armstrong site that note how beautiful this looks in the rooms they chose.

One reviewer last year mentioned it made their laundry room and basement bathroom look more modern with a clean, finished appearance.

Easy Installation

Of course, the centerpiece of this floor is Armstrong’s patented FasTak installation technology. It means you’ll be able to fasten these planks together without having to use glue or specialized tools.

All it uses is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that enables you to easily place the planks over your subfloor. Most common types of subfloors work here, like concrete, wood, vinyl, hardwood, or ceramic. Just make sure your subfloors are clean of debris before the installation takes place. It may require taking kids and pets out of the room until the install is done.

As implied by the FasTak name, this makes for a very quick installation you can probably do on your own. Nevertheless, if you’ve never installed a floor before, it pays to hire professionals.

We’re available to consult on what your best option is. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy your floor the same day without delays. When working with a contractor on a deadline, this is obviously ideal.

Reviews on Armstrong’s site show many do decide to hire professionals to make sure it’s done right. Those reviewers often say the professionals mention how easy it was for them to install the floor in any room.

Through the Armstrong site, you can also find a page helping you locate a local certified installer.

A Long-Lasting Warranty

You can expect these floors to hold up for years, though Armstrong is generous on the warranties they provide. They offer a 30-year limited residential warranty, giving you many years to fix problems.

It’s still important to remember these warranties (and most flooring warranties) cover only manufacturing defects. If you don’t properly care for your floor over time, damage could occur and void the warranty.

For commercial use, you’ll find a 10-year warranty, which makes sense considering you may get more foot traffic there.

Since your home may be as busy as a commercial business, being protected for 30 years is what makes Armstrong continue to stand out.

Be sure to read the details in your warranty so you know what’s covered and what isn’t. Once in a rare while, we receive reviews from customers that talk about a manufacturing problem. We do our best to solve the issue, including helping to file a warranty claim on your behalf.

Write us a review about how your warranty worked in the small chance you experienced any damage. Nevertheless, we guarantee the quality of all Armstrong floors, despite proper maintenance being a necessity.

Caring for Your Luxe Plank Floor

Always avoid abrasive scrubbing tools on this floor since it could cause damage to the surface. All you need to do is wipe up any spills as soon as possible so they don’t set in.

To clean, Armstrong makes it easy by buying one of their floor cleaner products. You can find these through our site as well at discount prices.

Place a plywood panel on your floor if moving furniture to avoid scuffing and tears. Floor protectors are another good idea to avoid any indentations from heavy furniture.

Using vinyl-backed floor mats is a smart idea to help prevent anyone tracking in dirt.

Just about every review you see on our site and Armstrong’s site rate the “Easy to Maintain” section very high. We’ll provide the information you need to make sure you understand every maintenance detail.

Don’t Forget About the Look of Stone

Luxe Plank FasTak floors aren’t all about the look of hardwood. Bringing the look of stone is another reason so many customers truly love this collection.

You can achieve the look of marble, slate, or travertine in vinyl tile form. Even the look of concrete is possible in the planks.

Providing diversity of choice like this is Armstrong’s goal for all their products. As with the look of hardwood, most people won’t be able to tell the difference between vinyl stone and the real deal.

When you’re looking for a more natural style to the design of your home, you can’t go wrong with the look of stone, particularly the beautiful choices above. Imagine being able to use the look of marble without paying multiple thousands of dollars.

Bringing real slate and travertine into your home costs about as much. Once more people realize they can buy a convincing faux floor, natural material floors will probably drop in favor.

Please write us a review about how much the stone look of this floor helped improve the look of your home.

Avoid Buying Luxe Plank FasTak in Big Box Stores

No doubt you’re still tempted to visit stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s to find a new floor. While it may seem convenient to shop for floors locally, you’re really not saving any money.

In most cases, you’re paying 20% more through these stores since they consider Armstrong a premium brand.

Another problem is the lack of knowledge from a sales staff supposedly hired to give you pointers. For the most part, big box store staff is there to sell you and nothing more. Considering most work for minimum wage with little training, it’s hardly surprising this is all you’ll experience.

You’re better off going online and finding a reputable store specializing exclusively in flooring.

Floor City is a leader in being certified flooring experts and a trusted staff that answers any question you have. Simply use our chat portal, email us, or call to get a quick answer to any question about Luxe Plank floors.

Most importantly, we always have these floors in stock so you won’t have to wait to get your order. We’re also one of the few online flooring companies able to ship your order on a national scale. Pickup centers are additionally available across the country and as far as the eastern seaboard.

Call us at (800) 898-9540 today to order your Luxe Plank FasTak floor.

Check out our product and site reviews to see what else people are saying about these products. We’re awaiting your own review so you can help educate other customers about what these floors do to make homes more livable.

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