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5 Reasons You Should Choose Kraus Commercial Carpet Tile


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If you’ve read us enough, you know we often praise Armstrong flooring to the hilt, for very good reason. While that’s one of our leading brands, we want our readers to know many other flooring brands exist equal in quality.

One of those is Kraus, a 60-year-old company that makes numerous types of flooring mostly for commercial use.

Kraus Carpet Tile also refered to as modular tiles, continue to be a popular choice among small business offices, all the way up to the top floor of a highrise corporate skyscraper.

Whether you operate a business or even a church, Kraus carpet tiles provide a high end modern look at half the price of Shaw and Mohawk comparable. If you like a quality product and saving money - Kraus Flooring is our #1 recommendation for inexpensive carpet tile.

Take a minute to look over our five reasons you should use these tiles if you have extensive floor traffic in your workplace or home.

  1. It’s Perfect for Places Like Churches Thanks to its Durability and Performance

Those of you who operate churches know how expensive it is to replace flooring when budgets are tight. Choosing Kraus carpet tile would be your smartest choice if looking for something affordable without sacrificing quality.

These tiles are known for being extremely durable under extreme circumstances. They’ve put these tiles to the test and they’re still unmatched in holding up.

If you hold regular church functions, you want something lasting for years rather than needing replacement after only a year. Besides, carpet tile is comfortable to walk on, not including having great sound absorption.

  1. If You Need Stain Resistance, These Tiles Are the Best in the World

Kraus is one of the best floors for fighting against stains. In a church, business, or even a hospital, this is an important aspect to consider.

Keep in mind maintenance is very simple with these tiles. When a spill occurs, you’ll have easy ability to clean without the substance setting in.

Be sure to read Kraus’s maintenance information so you know how to properly clean. It’s important to clean any spills as soon as possible to avoid any chance of staining.

Daily vacuuming is the only action necessary for proper maintenance.

  1. Installation is Very Easy

Some of Kraus’s carpet tile products have ZipperLock Technology, allowing you to lock the tiles in place with ease. For beginners, this is the easiest way to get your tiles in place fast without having to hire a professional.

Many other Kraus carpet tile products offer a gluedown method, which is recommended for floors with more extensive traffic. Gluing down your floor might take a little more work, but it’s possible to do on your own.

We always recommend hiring a professional floor installer if you’ve never had experience installing a floor. There is a bit of prep involved in properly gluing down your tiles.

  1. You Have a Strong Choice of Colors for Any Business or Living Space

Kraus provides a huge selection of color choices in their tiles, including various styles to suit any room. You could technically use these in any room, residence, or business-oriented location. However, it’s most popular for use in busy places like churches, hospitals, hotels, or restaurants.

At home, many people use these in their basements for private living quarters. No matter what your interior design is, Kraus provides a type of carpet tile fitting your personal style.

  1. It’s Cheaper Than Other Types of Flooring, But You’ll Find More Discounts Online

Business owners and homeowners are choosing carpet tile because it’s far more affordable than any other option. While vinyl flooring is also affordable, the price of carpet tile could be a little more if you buy in the box stores.

We recommend going online to find the best discounts on Kraus flooring. At Floor City, you’ll find amazing savings on all types of Kraus floors.

On their carpet tiles, you’ll find some products for as low as $1.56 per sq. ft. These tiles come in either square or plank size.

Call us at (800) 898-9540 if you have any questions about Kraus’s carpet tiles, or to place an order. Our employees are guaranteed experts for an educated answer.

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