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Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile vs Gluedown Flooring


The process of installing a floor can usually bring a sense of fear in the consumer who simply wants to get their floor down as soon as possible. While some types of flooring are more complicated in installation, many top brands provide a peel and stick method. Armstrong Peel and Stick Tile

5 Things to Know About Peel & Stick vs Gluedown Vinyl Tile Flooring

Using this process compared to the gluedown process can sometimes save you exponential time and eliminates hiring a professional. Take a minute to learn five useful things about peel & stick and gluedown flooring products for both homes and businesses.

1. Armstrong’s Vinyl Floor Tiles Have Peel & Stick

As always, Armstrong leads the pack when it comes to adding specialized features that make installing flooring easier. Their vinyl floor tiles are made so you can simply remove a liner sheet from the back of the flooring and apply the tile immediately. Thanks to this peel-off method, you have an adhesive all ready to go on the underside of each tile piece. Once you apply your tiles, the adhesive dries immediately so your floor can stay firmly in place. Keep in mind, though, these tiles are meant for residential only. You still get a lot of great colors and patterns to help you enjoy your new floor all the faster.

2. Luxe Plank with Rigid Core is a Good Example of Avoiding Adhesives

Sometimes avoiding adhesives or gluedown is the better option. If you want an installation using a locking method, you can find it in Armstrong’s Luxe Plank with Rigid Core. Latter technology allows you to simply click each plank together while enjoying an acoustic cork underlayment. This is one of the most durable floors available, though even peel & stick/gluedown floors are solid.

However, this particular floor type is designed to use in retail and residential. As a resilient floor, a gluedown method is also possible with these planks.

3. Gluedown Does Provide a Firmer Hold

It’s worth taking some time to visit Armstrong’s website where you can learn some more things about their vinyl floor tiles.

One thing they mention there is you have the option of using either peel and stick, or a full-spread adhesive. Some homeowners prefer the full adhesive method since it does provide a firmer hold than peel and stick does. Much of this centers on how much floor traffic you receive. In a very busy home, peel and stick might not be the best choice. The same goes for businesses with customers treading on your floor every day. The way full-spread adhesive works is spreading the adhesive over your subfloor first with a trowel before laying down your tiles. While it does require more time and skill, deciding on peel and stick vs. gluedown often comes down to seriously analyzing how much abuse your floors are going to receive.

4. Some Peel and Stick Products Are Available for Businesses

If you really want a peel and stick installation method for your business, we can help find you the right products. Some of these are available, but keep in mind the majority of peel and stick floors exist for residential only. What’s most important is to take time to work with a sales team with real flooring knowledge. You can’t always find that in a typical box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot due to lack of training. Our staff at Floor City is extremely knowledgeable and can help educate on whether the simpler installation method is the better choice over putting in extra time using adhesives.

5. Always Judge Your Own Skill Level Before Installing

Top flooring companies like Armstrong made peel and stick floors exclusively for the beginner with no life experience doing any installation. Even then, we encounter customers who still worry they won’t do something right only because they’re complete novices. Installing a floor for the first time can be daunting if you’ve never done it before and want it done right the first time. Never be too proud to hire a professional installer if need be, whether using peel and stick or gluedown. We’re here to help you make the best decision.

Call us at (800) 898-9540 if you have any questions regarding these installation methods. We’re here to answer all queries while offering the greatest discounts you’ll find through any online flooring dealer.

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