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Floor Reviews | Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial Texture VCT Tile Flooring


When it comes to flooring, Armstrong is one of the biggest, most reliable names in the business. For decades, one of the most popular flooring options the company offers is the Standard Excelon Imperial Texture Vinyl Composition Tile. It's the ideal floor covering for large scale commercial and public spaces such as schools, retail establishments, and more. But, it's also an affordable and beautiful option for residential applications as well. What's behind the long-term popularity of this unique flooring? The answer lies in the versatility of the flooring, how easy it is to maintain, and its durability.

Unmatched Versatility

One of the main reasons that Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial Texture Vinyl Composition Tile is so popular is the fact that it can be used in a variety of applications. It's long been installed in buildings such as schools, grocery stores, medical facilities, and restaurants. It's also an ideal flooring for garages where moisture isn't a major issue. In fact, it can be installed in just about any building. It's also an excellent option for residential use and is a popular flooring for kitchens, hallways and even basements.

Variety of Color Choices

Unlike some types of flooring Excelon Imperial Texture comes in a huge variety of colors. In fact, there are more than 100 colors to choose from. That means you'll have an easy time finding the perfect color of flooring to compliment your decor. If you're in need of a flooring color that brightens a space, or reduces the brightness, this is the one to choose. 

Ease of Maintenance

The last thing that you want to do is spend a huge amount of time cleaning and maintaining your floors. With Excelon Imperial Texture, you won't have to. It's easy to clean, just sweep up any debris and run a quick mop over it for light cleaning. Traditionally, people choose to polish the floor using a polishing machine to get optimal shine and cleanliness. 

Strong and Durable

If your space receives heavy foot traffic from customers, students, patients and staff, or a busy family, you need a flooring material that can stand up to the abuse. Otherwise, you'll end up replacing it more often than you'd like, disrupting your business and family. Not only is Excelon Imperial Texture flooring strong, but it's also extremely durable so you can rest assured it will handle all the traffic it gets. 

Extremely Affordable

Flooring can sometimes be extremely expensive, but that's not a concern with Excelon Imperial Texture tiles. They're an extremely affordable option, starting out at around $1 per 12" x 12" tile. When compared to Luxury Vinyl Tiles that run anywhere from $2 - $5 per tile, you can see how affordable they really are. 

Easy Installation

Flooring can sometimes be difficult to install, but not this one. Whether you're installing over a concrete floor or another existing floor surface, it's a fast, easy process. The tiles do need to be glued down using an adhesive in order to install them properly. Armstrong recommends S-515 Vinyl Tile Adhesive. 

Where to Buy Excelon Imperial Texture Vinyl Composition Tile

Don't waste time or money driving around town shopping for flooring, instead visit FloorCity.Com for the best selection of flooring. We make it easy for you to shop and buy on our website and we'll always be here to answer any questions you have along the way. Just contact us via our live chat option, or give us a call at 800-898-9540. If you're the kind of person who wants to see and touch the flooring before you make a decision, we've got you covered. Just browse our selection and choose the ones that interest you the most. We'll be happy to send you some samples so you can be sure you're getting the exact floor that you want.

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