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Kraus Carpet Tile

Kraus Carpet Tile

Review Kraus commercial carpet tile which is available in various traditional carpet tile looks and linear patterns. For example, the Danube or Calatrava collections are great for any business, education, or office space!

Why Kraus Flooring is a Great Choice!

Because the durability and performance are unmatched! From stain resistance to ZipperLock Technology, Kraus commercial modular tiles are the perfect solution to high-traffic areas prone to heavy soiling like in the classroom. Contact a flooring specialist today and let Floor City find the right discount carpet flooring for your environment.

Kraus Carpet Tile Reviews

Why buy Kraus Carpet?

Kraus is a reputable carpet manufacturer that produces high-quality carpet tiles that offer several advantages over traditional broadloom carpeting. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying Kraus carpet tiles:

  1. Durability: Kraus carpet tiles are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. They are highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like offices, schools, and commercial buildings.

  2. Easy Installation: Kraus carpet tiles are relatively easy to install, and they require less time and labor than traditional broadloom carpeting. They also offer greater design flexibility since they can be installed in a variety of patterns and configurations.

  3. Cost-Effective: Kraus carpet tiles can be more cost-effective than broadloom carpeting since they can be replaced in individual tiles rather than having to replace an entire room of carpet if damage occurs. They also tend to be more affordable than other high-end carpeting options.

  4. Sustainability: Kraus carpet tiles are designed to be environmentally friendly, using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. They also have low VOC emissions, making them a healthier choice for indoor environments.

Overall, Kraus carpet tiles are a good choice for those looking for a durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly flooring option.

Kraus Contract Modular Carpet Tile Sizes:

Commercial-grade carpet tiles are easy to install/repair and require much less maintenance than traditional carpets. Commercial floor carpet tiles vary in size but can be found in 19.7" inch x 19.7" in. and 24" in. x 24" in. squares. Many of the colors are brown, grey, or a mixture of black to help hide normal wear and tear. The great thing about modular carpeting is that installation costs and installation times are significantly less than roll carpets. For instance, Kraus commercial carpet price per square foot is generally between $3 and $5 dollars. If you're looking for industrial carpet squares or carpets for schools and you like saving money while buying a premium product, then we are your online carpet store! Closeout carpet tiles are available at most of our distributors about twice a year.

How to Install Modular Carpet Tiles

  1. Start by marking off the center of the room
  2. Next square the lines with a 3-4-5 triangle
  3. Make sure to distribute the tiles for equal edging
  4. Find the pile direction by looking at the back of the tile for an arrow
  5. Peel off the backing and lay the center tiles
  6. Then lay the first large square surrounding the center tiles
  7. Following a pattern lay the starting corners of the second and third square
  8. You will need to trim or cut the tiles at the walls to fit
  9. Last you will have to roll the floor once all the tiles are down
  10. For commercial modular tiles with no backing an adhesive may be required

Kraus Carpet Reviews

We recently added a review section to all of our Kraus Flooring products so if you want a real customer opinion just visit one of the Kraus carpet reviews on the review section of the product page. Each review has a 5 star rating system and is intended to be rated based on not only the product quality but our level of service. We can't always be five stars but we absolutely strive to be! Note: Read customer testimonials at your own risk; we do not always share the suggestions of our customers even though they are recommendations from skilled trade professionals we can't provide a warranty or guarantee that the suggestion will be recommended.