Floor layering

Definition of Subfloor

A subfloor is a layer of solid material that’s placed on the joists or beams. It forms the structurally sound layer that makes the foundation of a good floor.

The subfloor is typically placed between the underlayment and the surface flooring material.

The best material for a subfloor depends on what type of floor will be installed over it.

Finished Floor Best Subfloor Reasons
  • Concrete
  • Plywood
Tiles require a hard surface to prevent cracking
Hardwood flooring
  • Plywood
Facilitates easier installation
Laminate flooring
  • Plywood
Prevents laminate flooring from dents and ridges

Example of Subfloor in a Sentence

“The subfloor is the foundation on which the rest of the floor and the building are built on.”

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