Christmas presents and decor on a plush carpet


Definition of Plush

A soft, elegant, and luxurious carpet with a velvety surface that creates a comfortable underfoot.

Plush carpet pile is made from precisely cut nylon, polyester, or wool yarns of the same length (usually short). The yarns are twisted tightly together to create a dense, smooth, soft, and velvety carpet surface.

Straight plush pile carpets will show footprints and other marks as the fibers are forced down in the same direction. Plush carpet pile offers comfort and luxury at an affordable price while also repelling dirt and stains to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Example of Plush in a Sentence

“Macy’s room was covered in a beautiful pink plush carpet.”


  • Lush
  • Luxurious
  • Deluxe
  • Lavish

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