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Definition of Distressed Hardwood

Distressed hardwood flooring is full of character and charm; it has a rugged, rustic look that accentuates all of its imperfections.

Interestingly, the imperfections on distressed hardwood flooring are added intentionally using techniques such as sandblasting, wire brushing, and hand scraping.

The scratches, dents, and imperfections on distressed hardwood add a sense of authenticity and purported history.

The final look of distressed hardwood floors is dependent on:

  • The type of hardwood
  • The level of distress applied
  • The finish used on the floor

Distressing hardwood floors intentionally also allows them to develop a natural patina faster, which amplifies the “worn-out” aesthetic.

It also does a good job at making new abrasions less visible. It’s truly low-maintenance because you don’t need to worry about keeping it spotlessly clean or preventing stains and discoloration.

Example of Distressed Hardwood in a Sentence

“This distressed hardwood flooring is the most unique I’ve come across, all thanks to its patina.”

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