Choosing The Right Classroom Flooring 

As buildings age, school districts across the United States are looking to make upgrades by replacing HVAC systems, purchasing new technology and doing general remodeling of furnishings. They have to consider a few key points when making these decisions, such as quality of materials, durability, life expectancy of the upgrade, cost, environmental impact, and other benefits that may be gained from the purchase. Carpet tiles are a wonderful option for schools that are looking to replace old, worn, vinyl tile flooring. Withstanding the many little footsteps of elementary school, a strict high school budget, and several of a university's green initiatives, carpet tile has many advantages.

Comfortable Flooring

Teachers are on their feet from the first bell to the last. Carpeting offers support for their knees and comfort for their feet when they have to be constantly standing and walking. Additionally, there's no need to worry about anyone slipping on a wet floor.

It's also a well-known fact that carpet has the ability to keep rooms feeling warmer than tile or wood, giving classrooms a more relaxed atmosphere to promote learning. This is especially helpful when teachers want to create small spaces for kids to sit down with a book for some personal reading time or for younger children to have play time.

Floors That Produce Good Sound Quality

Classrooms are typically filled with large whiteboards, smart boards or projector screens, and hard plastic chairs and desks, all of which are great for reflecting sound. Installing carpet tiles can help to minimize the echo and improve the sound quality of the room. This can be particularly effective in music rooms where sound is the very concept that teachers are trying to introduce. Additionally, carpet may absorb some of the music, helping to keep it from distracting other nearby classrooms.

Durable, Long-Lasting Quality Flooring

Carpet tiles for a classroom are generally well-maintained with a thorough daily vacuuming using an upright vacuum equipped with rotating brushes. Kraus Flooring offers a Modular Carpet Tile Maintenance guide, suggesting a detailed plan for handling spot cleaning and periodic deep cleaning. Say goodbye to the daily sweeping and mopping and monthly wax stripping of vinyl floors.

Kraus carpet tiles are made using dual bonding and interlocking tuft placement, creating carpet that doesn't unravel. Moreover, they're stain resistant and hold up well to even the heaviest of foot traffic. Note: Installation requires a pressure sensitive carpet adhesive like KPA 301.

Floors for Education, K-12 and Beyond

In order to determine the carpeting that's right for your primary, elementary, charter schools, music room, middle school, high school, public college or private university; you'll want to look at several factors.

Sophisticated Design Options

Improvements in flooring design mean that all schools have the ability to add some visual interest to their spaces. By choosing to combine multiple colors or rotating individual tiles in one of many suggested patterns, the flooring can become the focal point of an otherwise boring conference room or tone down the chaos of a hectic but colorful kindergarten classroom. Carpet tiles also allow for you to easily change your designs over time. Since the cost of installing modular carpet squares is fairly inexpensive; you can replace, repair or remove to make way for other types of flooring like carpet rolls, vinyl tile and plank or linoleum floors.

Suitable Air Quality and Environmental Impact

Typically, carpet tiles for a classroom are low pile, making it easy to get all of the dust and dirt out. Additionally, the Carpet and Rug Institute has started a program to test carpets for VOC emissions. Many of Kraus carpet tiles have been given Green Label Plus IDs, as listed in their specifications sheets. Some older schools may not have the best air circulation so choosing a carpet that will not worsen air quality for its students and faculty is very important.

Kraus carpet tiles also offer Eurobac Modular backing which contains at least 20% pre-consumer recycled content. According to Kraus specifications sheets, some carpet tiles are also eligible for recycling programs.

Competitive Carpet Pricing

Classroom carpet tiles have an easy installation process which can save a school district money if they choose to utilize their own maintenance team. Furthermore, they are easily transported because of their size. When comparing the costs of classroom carpet squares to that of vinyl tile and roll carpet, carpet tiles have very competitive prices. Considering the cost of installation, upkeep, and the ability to replace worn sections instead of entire rooms, carpet tiles are worth the investment for any educational district.

If you're interested in carpet tiles as an option for your school district, or for any other home or business use, check out our selection of Kraus carpet tiles on sale at Floor City or give us a call at (800) 898-9540 for information on our clearance carpets or cheap classroom flooring options.

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