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Church Flooring Ideas


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Have you thought about the flooring for your church? It may not seem like the most important aspect of a church - but a mismatched floor is not something you want to worry about in your church. Church flooring ideas for a Catholic church with Gothic architecture is not going to have the same interior design as a typically more modest Baptist church. Different parts of your church will also have different flooring needs - you certainly would not put carpet in a bathroom, or expensive hardwood in a nursery!

So: where would you start with flooring for a church?

  • Main Worship Area

The first thing to consider here is durability. This area will have a lot of foot traffic. A stained concrete floor is highly durable and easy to clean, and many concrete flooring choices look nicer than you would expect. In addition, you can put a simple design in the concrete. Perhaps you could choose a sunburst, to symbolize the light of God, or even a triangle pattern, after the Holy Trinity. Some churches even choose the Cross. If you don't want to go that far, you could choose a pattern to emphasize the architecture. Faux stone would match Gothic design, while a geometric design pointed outwards could tie together a worship room, such as this heptagonal pattern at Wallace Presbyterian Church.

Tile is also a strong choice for a worship area. A parishioner, already impressed by the arches and vaults of your church, will be even more so when they see stone tile flooring. The pattern effect from above can also be achieved with tiling, in a manner that is just as easy to clean. For an upscale church project, choosing tiling over concrete could be a very wise decision.

  • Bathrooms

Did you know that porcelain tile is both waterproof and inexpensive? For a bathroom by a youth space, this waterproofing may be useful - children are more likely to splash water from the sink and leave puddles. Ceramic tiling is the classic choice however, and a good bet for a space with more adult traffic. If you want a more natural feel, you could also try stone tiling, such as the American Rockies collection. However, not all stone tiling is the same. When you choose a stone tile, make sure to ask about the properties of the different types of stone.

  • Multipurpose Spaces

The general factor to consider in multipurpose spaces will be durability; a tile intended for commercial flooring will serve its purpose just as well in a Christian space. To bring a warm light into your church, you could choose a neutral, versatile beige or off-white tile, such as the Citadel porcelain tile. Slate flooring is incredibly striking, and requires less maintenance than marble would.

  • Other Spaces

Many churches have activities and events beyond regular worship. For Sunday school classrooms, you may have written off carpet due to difficulty to clean - but carpet tiling is designed for higher traffic, to resist unraveling, and to resist staining. A wooden look can also be simulated with porcelain tiling, adding a cozier feel to an entrance room or a coatroom with a more resistant and less expensive product.

The best flooring for your church depends on the type of church, and the facilities and spaces contained within the church. Your upscale church floor ideas requires flooring to match its design and the amount of use it receives, and you want as much style as you want durability. Hopefully, the above ideas will help you when you select flooring for your church. All of the floors above are excellent choices for any church, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, and will be easy to maintain while wowing the members of your church and any guests.

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