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4 Restaurant Flooring Ideas to Consider


Armstrong Natural Creations ArborArt Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Running a restaurant is already a major undertaking, and keeping up the interior aesthetics can often become just as challenging. While you may worry more about the look of your tables and wait staff, what about the flooring?

It's easy to take your floor for granted and assume no one cares about what it looks like. In truth, your restaurant's floor does more to add to interior aesthetic value than you think. Even more important is how well it holds up.

If you once cut corners and added a cheap floor, no doubt it's looking fairly worn now. What kind of flooring should you use now or if opening a new restaurant, vinyl flooring rolls, laminate, linoleum? Take a look at these four restaurant flooring ideas.

1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT Tile / LVP Plank)

One of the most popular flooring materials out there for restaurants is luxury vinyl tile also known as LVT or LVP, Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - the wood look. LVT Flooring is commonly made to look like stone, metallic or other abstract designs for modern or classic decor. Those of you looking for flooring like this should always look to Armstrong as one of the highest quality floor brands available.

Find vinyl roll flooring or waterproof vinyl plank flooring in floating and click lock planks when you choose Armstrong LUXE plank vinyl flooring.

While you can get numerous products from them in luxury vinyl material, it's worth trying their Natural Creations Diamond 10 Technology Mystix.

Don't let the mysterious title of this product fool you. This provides textile and texture overlays that bring a classy look to any establishment. With numerous color choices and hand-painted art on the flooring material, you'll have a truly beautiful flooring product to use for years.

Texture styles are extremely numerous and range from Aria Bracken to Stream Tobacco. Basic color choices range from black/grey to yellow. Plus, don't miss out on Armstrong's "Create Your Own Color Luxury Flooring" program to create something suiting your restaurant's brand.

As with all vinyl flooring, the maintenance on this is low. It's also durable to withstand countless foot traffic. Thanks to a hydrophobic, urethane finish, maintenance characteristics and options improve.

2. Eco Friendly Resilient Flooring

A good choice for many restaurants is eco flooring, which uses slip-retardant materials. Those of you who worry about your wait staff or customers slipping on your floors can gain confidence here thanks to Armstrong's patented Safety Zone Sheet. The roll vinyl flooring uses dynamic underfoot traction to make the floor impossible to slip on.

Migrations BBT is one of two popular products in green environment friendly flooring through Armstrong. It uses all recycled environmentally safe content to enhance your restaurant's initiative to go green. Restaurant floor ideas like Armstrong biobased tile doesn't just have to be good for the environment; it's also an affordable alternative to standard recycled composite vct flooring.

Durable and water resistant, all you need is polish for maintenance. Colors/styles go from Ashen Grey to Violet Grape. The visual appeal here is also stunning.

4. Commercial Laminate Wood Flooring

Another good choice is laminate flooring since it offers many unique visuals, plus high-resistance to various types of damage.

If you're looking for a more earthy style to your restaurant, Armstrong's Architectural Remnants is a good product choice in laminate. You'll find a reclaimed wood look here that adds real character to a restaurant fitting the theme.

Style/color options start at Antique Structure Black Paint and ends with Woodland Reclaim Old Original. These styles blend the old with the new, giving you a unique look if you own an eatery in a rustic setting.

It's easy to find all these flooring options and products through us at Floor City. We carry all the best Armstrong flooring products, available at prices you can't find through many other sources.

4. Commercial Hardwood Flooring

You may prefer using hardwood in your restaurant. Armstrong has you covered here as well with a variety of product variations. Performance Plus is one of their most popular thanks to perfect color and finish balance, including extra durability. This particular product is more durable than even traditional hardwood, making it a good choice if your foot traffic is heavy every night.

Color and style choices range from Birch Cottage Suede to White Oak Night Time. You can also choose what kind of hardwood species you want.

Gloss level customization is even available in either a high or low gloss look.

Once again, this flooring is low maintenance for time and money savings.

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