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Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile for High-Traffic Commercial Spaces


Choosing the right floor for a high traffic commercial space such as a school or retail outlet requires the careful consideration of several factors. When selecting the right floor business owners and facility managers have more options available today than ever before and some products such as vinyl, linoleum, and plastic flooring are easily confused. While some flooring products may look similar Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile is in a class of its own and provides several advantages and benefits over other products.

  • Cost-Effective

Manufactured in flexible squares, rectangles, and strips, Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile has an initial cost that is as low as $0.99 per square foot and initial maintenance is quick and easy due to their exclusive finish process. The value of Armstrong commercial VCT flooring goes well beyond the initial installation. Armstrong's manufacturing process includes a through color and pattern wear layer which ensures that the tile will maintain its color and pattern longer. Armstrong VCT is resistant to gouging and has the strength to stand up to heavy foot traffic and rolling loads.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Armstrong VCT is available in an extensive collection of colors and patterns including wood tones, warm or cold hues, bright or neutral colors, and even multicolor styles. The vast array of options available allows customers to create unique designs using color palettes that match company logos or school mascots. The variety that Armstrong offers in its VCT flooring provides consumers with an infinite number of design and color options that will fit nearly any interior space.

  • Versatile Installation

Installing VCT is accomplished by gluing individual tiles to a properly prepared surface with an adhesive. VCT is the perfect flooring for a smooth and level concrete surface but can also be attached to a plywood subfloor. Any surface requires a thorough inspection to ensure that any gaps, cracks, or uneven areas are prepared with a finishing product to ensure good adherence and eliminate settling that can cause tiles to crack.

Armstrong VCT is readily cut to fit any design application including corners of any angle as well as any radius curve. The flooring is available in 12 and 18-inch squares, 12 by 24-inch rectangles, and 24-inch strips that are two, four, or six inches in width. The mixture of available sizing and the ease of cutting VCT to fit any shape makes the installation process simple and straightforward.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Armstrong Flooring has committed to reducing the company's dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels and instead use sustainable agricultural products able to be raised, grown, and harvested within ten years or less. Armstrong VCT products are a part of this strategy consisting of up to 25% post-consumer recycled content. This recycled content is a big bonus to the environment accounting for over 7 million pounds of recycled waste every year for the past nine years, waste that would otherwise be in a landfill.

Additionally, Armstrong offers a recycling program that helps consumers save money while keeping old flooring material out of landfills. The nationwide On&On Recycling Program reclaims VCT flooring products from Armstrong and their competitors, recycling the material into new flooring products. To recycle your old floor just call the Armstrong Recycling Center and register your project. After the required paperwork is filled out, you will receive a confirmation approving your project. Once approved, remove all debris before scraping up the old floor and use the recycling bins provided by Armstrong to discard it. When finished, call the Armstrong Recycling Center and arrange a pick up time.

  • Conclusion

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile looks beautiful and stands up to the demands of high traffic commercial spaces, maintaining its original appearance longer than most alternatives. Armstrong VCT is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and is a cost-effective flooring solution for commercial applications such as schools and retail stores.

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