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Armstrong VCT Tile


VCT Flooring

It's important to understand what vinyl composite tile is and the various benefits. It can be used in a number of commercial and industrial applications. When you are looking for durable, affordable flooring, VCT Tile should not be ignored.

What is VCT?

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile is also known as VCT. It is commonly used in high-traffic areas because it is capable of masking scuff marks and soil. It can be used in classrooms, laboratories, retail settings, convenience stores, and more.

Various textures and colors are available, allowing you to choose vinyl that looks similar to tile, marble or stone.

Vinyl Composition Tile Collections:

Consider what you want your floors to look like. If you are looking for wood tones, bright colors, or neutral options, you are able to achieve all of these with vinyl composition tile. It is one of the many desirable features that the flooring material has to offer. It is highly resistant to get out in, too, which is why it is commonly used in high-traffic areas. You don't have to worry about it showing wear any time soon after you install, unlike other flooring types.

It's important to understand that that vinyl composite tile is very different from linoleum. While both are resilient, linoleum isn't as flexible and it has to be installed over clean, smooth surfaces, which can make it more time-consuming and more expensive to install. The porous surface of linoleum also means that it needs to be polished with a sealer at least once a year. VCT is nonporous so it's easier to care for. A mild cleaner is typically all that is needed in order to keep the floors looking great.

What are the benefits of VCT Flooring?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider VCT. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square tiles and long, rectangular planks. It offers a long life value and durability that you won't find with other materials.

Other benefits of Armstrong VCT include:

  • Capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made the USA
  • Low carbon footprint

How is commercial vinyl tile installed?

VCT is glued down to the base flooring. You will want to prepare the surface properly and then glue down the tiles. It can be installed over ceramic tile, concrete, wood, as well as non-cushion vinyl flooring.

It can be installed at, below, or above ground level as a result of its stability and water resistance.

Various backing options are also available for VCT. This will allow you to provide a protective barrier against moisture and mildew. Once you choose the backing, it will also be easier to choose the adhesive you will use for gluing the flooring down.

Choosing the VCT Tile for Your Business

Whether you are looking to take the DIY approach or have professional installation, you need to consider the options available to you with VCT tile. You can choose from strips (planks), rectangular tiles, or square tiles. Each one is going to have an impact on what the room is going to look like afterward. You can also use multiple shapes in order to achieve unique designs. This allows you to incorporate multiple colors as well as multiple shapes.

Additionally, you want to look at the coating that is on the tile to help you determine just how effective it is at resisting stains, scuff marks, and dirt. Urethane, enhanced urethane, and vinyl no-wax coatings are all available.

Regardless, you can count on VCT tile to provide you with beautiful flooring that is affordable and easy to maintain.

When you want to learn more about VCT and begin searching the various designs, contact Floor City.

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