Looking for cheap garage flooring ideas? Those of you who own a car repair garage already know how much grease, oil, and other chemicals can stain your floor. After putting up with this for so many years, you're likely ready to add a new type of flooring to your garage. However, garage flooring ideas are hard to come by which is why Armstrong Flooring is here to help with checkered VCT Tiles.

When shopping around for cheap garage flooring ideas there isn't any better flooring choice for garage floors than vinyl composition tile. While you're seeing it used in retail stores and schools lately (or any commercial business with high foot traffic), a repair garage is one of the busiest.

Take a look at what VCT tile can do for your repair business, especially on an aesthetic level.

Why You Should Choose Armstrong Commercial Grade Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you're going to choose any brand for VCT flooring, Armstrong is one above any other. The reason is their complete attention to quality materials without costing a fortune. They also have garage floor ideas cheap consisting of VCT flooring which is durable, last long and dependable.

Their Excelon VCT flooring is very popular, and it's available to buy at a discount rate here at Floor City.

While Armstrong provides numerous features through their brand, using vinyl composition tile for your repair garage will become one of the best investments you'll make for your business.

Resisting Chemicals and Fluids

VCT is 12-inch square tiles created with vinyl colored chips. They're also filled with limestone and heated and pressed into sheets. This is how you'll buy them directly through Armstrong or through us at Floor City.

Once you have your VCT flooring installed in your garage, you'll begin to see how durable it is to many chemicals and fluids you often spill.

You can't work in a repair garage without spilling something eventually. Perhaps you've ruined more than a few of your prior floors as a result, only because you didn't make the right flooring choice.

To save money, you'll want to install VCT from the beginning. It's going to resist all stains. However, even if you do manage to stain it, you'll be able to easily clean it by lightly sanding the tile surface.

Fast Installation

While you can withstand all the stains associated with working in a repair garage, you won't have to worry about excessive downtime to get VCT flooring installed. It might take one weekend to complete installation, though you'll have it done before a new work week starts.

All it requires is having the tiles glued to your floor. However, you'll need quite a bit of prep before the installation occurs. It's going to mean thoroughly cleaning your garage floor first so it's free of oil stains. Any oil on the floor could interfere with making the adhesive stick.

You also have to fill any small cracks or holes in the floor beforehand. Without filling in these holes first, the VCT tile could crack or pull away from the seams of adjacent tiles when pressure is exerted on the floor.

Improving Your Repair Garage's Aesthetic

Above all, the aesthetic quality of VCT flooring helps you repair garage look more appealing. Despite your mechanics working in the garage most of the time, you may bring customers in there from time to time to discuss repairs.

VCT floors offer a shine that can brighten the garage space thanks to a glossy finish. You'll appreciate this if you have few windows in your garage and put up with dark and inferior flooring in the past.

At Armstrong, they add to the aesthetic by giving you flowing linear patterns, organic looks, and densely patterned earth tones. You'll find a lot of customization in these tiles, something you can find easily through our online store.