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Definition of Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl composition tiles (VCT) are waterproof square or rectangular tiles made from a combination of PVC chips, limestone mix, binders, and color pigments. The result is a thick and durable flooring material that’s suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

VCT flooring is flexible, making it comfortable with minimal pressure underfoot. Vinyl composite tiles are polished to protect their porous surface and make them incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Unfortunately, the seams created when installing VCT make it less moisture resistant, as water can seep between the tiles and damage the flooring.

Compared to other types of vinyl flooring, it’s not as versatile in terms of texture and design and will be more expensive in the long run.

Example of Vinyl Composite Tile in a Sentence

“VCT flooring is the best option for retail stores and garage stores.”

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