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Flooring damage

Definition of Abrasion

Abrasion is the process of wear and tear that occurs when a surface is rubbed or scraped against another material. In flooring, abrasion is caused by furniture movement, foot traffic, dropping items onto the floor, as well as other forms of mechanical stress.

Therefore, it's important to consider abrasion resistance when selecting flooring materials. Over time, abrasion can result in scratches and scuffs, ultimately affecting the aesthetic and longevity of a floor.  

Different flooring materials have varying levels of abrasion resistance. For example, hardwood floors typically have a high level of abrasion resistance while carpet and vinyl flooring tend to have lower levels of resistance.

You can prevent abrasion by:

  • Selecting flooring materials with high levels of abrasion resistance, particularly in high-traffic areas or commercial settings. These significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear a floor experiences. 
  • Ensuring proper maintenance and care of the floor, such as regular cleaning and polishing, can help to prevent or reduce the effects of abrasion.

Example of Abrasion in a Sentence

"This hardwood flooring looks glossy for longer thanks to its abrasion resistance."


  • Corrosion
  • Scraping 
  • Erosion
  • Scuffing 
  • Chafing 

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