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Rubber Wall Base

Rubber Wall Base

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Introducing the rubber wall base, the versatile and practical solution for finishing walls with style and durability. Designed to protect against scuffs, dings, and impact, this rubber wall base offers a resilient barrier that enhances the overall aesthetic of any space. With its flexible nature and wide range of colors and profiles, the rubber baseboard is the perfect choice for residential and commercial applications, providing an attractive and functional solution for every wall.

Residential and Commercial Wall Base Molding Supplier

Floor City is a premium provider of rubber wall bases. It is the professional's choice as we provide a 100% type TS vulcanized rubber wall base. Our rubber wall base products are highly durable and flexible, with fun and easy installation around columns, corners, and curves of floors.

Custom colors, lengths, thicknesses, heights, profiles, and external corner options are available. For example, the Johnsonite traditional rubber base is offered in over 120 standard colors.

Roppe Cove Base 700 Series

We supply Roppe Cove Base 700 Series Wall Base, a durable TPR rubber cove base compound containing bio-based phthalate-free plasticizer from a rapidly renewable resource containing 4-6% pre-consumer waste. Top-lip design helps it fit tightly against the wall, while a ribbed back provides positive adhesion and additional protection for floors.

Baseboard molding installation tip: Try scoring the back of the molding material on corners to make the baseboard fit firmly against the wall. Roppe Cove is great on baseboards of apartments, condos, and other residential living spaces.

Roppe Rubber Cove Base Floor Molding

Floor City is a Washington State-based supplier distributing Cove base Roppe nationwide. Most baseboards sold in the United States are cove base for design and sanitary purposes. We do not cut or mold to fit custom spaces. All orders must be in full box quantities. This product is sold in 120-foot rolls/coils and 4-foot pieces. We recommend ordering a sample before ordering a whole carton to ensure you get the correct color. All shipments are special orders and not returnable unless the manufacturer deems the material damaged or defective.

Johnsonite Traditional Vinyl & Rubber Wall Base

Johnsonite's traditional rubber & vinyl wall base is durable and can withstand years of solid performance. Manufactured from top-quality materials, this wall base has unmatched durability for commercial flooring, resists scuffing, fading, and cracking, and will not shrink or separate from the wall.

  • Over 120 standard colors, or select your custom color.

  • 4-foot sections or 120-foot coils.

  • Pre-manufactured outside and inside corners.

  • Three standard heights: 2-1/2” (6.4 cm), 4” (10.2 cm), 6” (15.3 cm).

  • Thickness: 1/8” (3.2 mm) and .080” (2.0 mm).

  • Available in cove with toe for resilient vinyl, rubber flooring, and straight (toe-less) for carpet.

If you don’t see the product you are looking for, contact one of our floor specialists to discuss your requirements related to baseboards and trims.