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Forbo Eternal Wood

Forbo Eternal Wood

The Eternal Wood vinyl sheet has the looks and feelings of a wooden floor and the advantages of a high-quality vinyl floor. The wood effects are created with a white grout line in between to provide a contemporary look. All Wood items have a rustic look and a true-to-nature effect with clean Wood embossing. When you walk on this vinyl flooring, it is just like you walk over a wooden plank.

Eternal Design Vinyl Sheet

Eternal is a high-quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits all general-purpose needs in various segments and applications at every moment of the day. It creates better environments in which to work, live, interact, relax, heal, learn, and play. Forbo Flooring Systems introduces three different Eternal structures: Material and Wood. These can be perfectly combined or standalone.


The Eternal collection has a proven track record of delivering reliable and beautiful solutions. We can guarantee you:

Trust in Design

Our in-house team of expert designers created the most realistic designs to meet the highest aesthetical standards in any project.

Trust in Performance

As a result of the balanced construction and calendared backing, Eternal products ensure the lowest possible residual indentation.

Trust in Sustainability

The Eternal products are phthalate-free, low in emission, and easy to clean. During the production we reuse material for the backing and due to the balanced construction and functional layers, the product is guaranteed to last a lifetime.