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Traditional Duracove Thermoplastic Rubber Wall Base (Type TP)

Traditional Duracove Thermoplastic Rubber Wall Base (Type TP)

4.94 / 5 stars, 44 reviews

Johnsonite Rubber Wall Base delivers quality, durability, and solid performance baseboards at prices starting under $2 per linear foot. These durable trim pieces that protect the lower portion of the wall require adhesive for installation. They can be scored / gently sliced on the back to help shape around walls or you can easily cut through to fit in tight spaces, such as inside and outside corners. Discover this product's environmental attributes and its contribution to LEED at ecomedes.

Rubber Base Molding

  • Height: 2.5”, 4” or 6”
  • Thickness: 1/8” gauge
  • Length: 4’ sections or up to 120' coils
  • Toe or no toe (coved or straight)
  • Color options: 115

Technical & Environmental Specifications

Professional warranty (in years): 2 year limited Flame Spread/Smoke Density: Class C < 450 smoke Flooring Radiant Panel: Class 1 (mean average CRF: 0.45 w/sq cm or higher) Flexibility: Pass Chemical Resistance: Good