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Armstrong CushionStep Better

Armstrong CushionStep Better

Armstrong CushionStep Better Residential Sheet Vinyl Flooring. Armstrong Flooring reinvented CushionStep Better vinyl sheet flooring to give you products that combine incredible realism and comfort with durability and affordability.


Take a look at vinyl sheet with Diamond 10 Technology; your floor will look newer, longer. Perfect for any room in your home. Beautiful. Easy Care. Comfortable. That's why CushionStep is one of our most popular vinyl sheet collections, it delivers style, durability, and comfort.

Why Homeowners Love CushionStep:

  • Perfect designs and colors

  • Trusted quality

  • Long-lasting durability

  • Easy to clean


Experience the ultimate comfort and durability with Armstrong CushionStep Better. Elevate your space with flooring that offers unmatched resilience and luxurious cushioning. Explore our range of designs and redefine your interior with ease. Upgrade to Armstrong CushionStep Better for flooring that enhances every step. Elevate your space today!