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Armstrong Sheet Vinyl

Armstrong Sheet Vinyl

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Armstrong Flooring Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet for Commercial and Residential Applications

Armstrong Flooring vinyl sheet is designed to provide beautiful, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting floors. Armstrong Flooring Medintone and Medintech vinyl flooring offer various colors and designs that provide a clean, fresh appearance to create comfortable and engaging spaces.

Armstrong Flooring Commercial and Residential Vinyl Flooring

As part of Armstrong Continuum Solutions, Medintech and Medintone vinyl flooring with Diamond 10 Technology coating coordinates across the Armstrong Flooring portfolio to create unique design concepts and solutions for every space. Using cultured diamonds with all its properties, Armstrong Flooring’s Diamond 10 Technology coating on their vinyl sheet provides category-leading scratch-, scuff-, and stain-resistant properties and easy maintenance, making this vinyl flooring option a perfect solution for healthcare and educational environments.

Setting the standard, Armstrong Flooring Medintech and Medintone provide the durability required in high-traffic commercial settings. Featuring Armstrong Flooring patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology coating for enhanced performance, Medintech and Medintone vinyl flooring can withstand high traffic and staining for a true low-maintenance floor. Coupled with the true through-pattern construction, Medintone and Medintech vinyl sheet resists abrasion and other wear while elevating aesthetics with a spectrum of colors, tones, and patterns.

Armstrong Flooring Accolade Plus is a homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring with a contemporary color palette and bold tone-on-tone visual, which combines excellent durability and easy maintenance. Styled to blend light and shade in a multi-chip visual, Armstrong Flooring Accolade Plus vinyl sheet suits the daily demands of high-traffic commercial spaces, including healthcare, education, light industrial, and hospitality settings. Part of Armstrong Flooring Continuum Solutions, homogeneous products coordinate across Armstrong’s full portfolio of commercial products.