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What is Commercial Grade Vinyl Plank Flooring?

  • Andrew Uhacz

One of the most popular flooring styles in recent years is vinyl plank flooring. Its popularity comes from looking like real wood planks without having to buy the real thing. With real wood planks being considerably more expensive, you also have to deal with far more maintenance.

Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

While this floor type is often popular in businesses, many business owners continue to learn that Armstrong is the best brand name for resilient flooring. You can't go wrong with any Armstrong flooring product, but their vinyl plank flooring is truly the best in America as a commercial grade floor tile.


  • LVT



     Something you've probably noticed going on Armstrong's website is the term "commercial grade" flooring. What does this mean for vinyl wood flooring? Take a look at what this means and other information related to their Diamond 10 flooring products.

    What Does "Commercial Grade" Mean?

    When you see this term next to flooring, it means it's designed specifically for businesses. This means it has specific features suitable for all commercial floors often getting heavy foot traffic.

    It's going to include improved durability and specific materials that help keep the floor looking new, despite excess wear and tear over time.

    So when you see "commercial grade" next to vinyl plank flooring, you'll know you're getting the best possible flooring for your business. With the Armstrong label, this increases exponentially.

    Plus, to save money, you can buy that same flooring through us at Floor City.

    Take a look at what these above features are and how it falls under Armstrong's branded Diamond 10 flooring label.

    What is Armstrong's Diamond 10 Technology?

    Armstrong takes technology seriously in all their flooring. They've managed to incorporate their Diamond 10 technology into all their flooring products to bring a new level of durability you've probably never seen.

    They've harnessed the properties of diamonds to increase durability and performance. More specifically, they use cultured diamonds in the flooring to create superior scratch, stain, and scuff resistance.

    Applying this to vinyl plank flooring adds even more uniqueness to your commercial floor so it holds up for years rather than wearing out too soon.

    The science behind this is hard to deny since diamonds outperform other floor finishes by far on the famous Mohs scale.

    Durable: Preventing Scratches, Stains, and Scuffing

    A major problem with real wood planks is that after a year of heavy foot traffic, you'd start to see a lot of scratches, stains, and scuffing you probably can't repair without replacement.

    Using commercial grade vinyl plank flooring with Diamond 10 technology allows you to prevent scratching if you often move heavy items around on your floor.

    The same goes with stains, particularly if using vinyl plank flooring in a restaurant. However, any business can end up staining their floors. Armstrong's vinyl flooring allows for easy cleanup when you spill something.

    Scuffing won't occur either, something potentially ruining the aesthetic value in real wood flooring.

    Natural Creations LVT by Armstrong Flooring

    An Armstrong brand name for these floors is Natural Creations, a name you'll see attached to many of their vinyl plank flooring products. These floors use Diamond 10 technology with multiple tile layers for major enhancements.

    When you use these floors, you'll find four layers with specific features to aid in the durability levels. The first layer is the cultured diamond infused coating for appearance retention. The second layer is a rigid wear layer designed for abrasion resistance.

    For the third layer, you'll see a print film made for high-fidelity printing techniques to aid in the aesthetic value. The fourth layer is the foundation layer with high limestone content to further enhance durability.

    Visit us at Floor City to learn more about Armstrong's commercial grade vinyl plank flooring and how you can acquire it from us at a discount.

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