Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile for Your Retail Store

If you own a retail store, then you know the importance of your business's image.

Your image and brand are important factors in gaining and keeping customers. When you build a solid reputation, then it doesn't take long before word of mouth advertising gets around, which helps boost business. One part of your image is developed by how well you keep up your store. From the neatness of the store to the amount of stock you keep handy to the flooring on which your customers walk, it all adds up to make your business an image. That's why it's important to ensure that everything is up to par when customers walk through the door. When considering what type of flooring to use in your retail store, here are five reasons Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile is the perfect flooring choice.


Business owners know that durability is a very important characteristic to have in a flooring. Accidents happen all too easily, and you never know when something heavy may get dropped on the floor. As a business owner, you don't want to replace your floor in a few years or have it look like it's in bad shape. Armstrong vinyl composition flooring is a wise choice because it is one of the most durable flooring options on the market. It's popular for commercial use because of its longevity. This type of flooring is composed of PVC chips, which have the ability to withstand impact and abrasive objects scratching its surface. Furthermore, just about the time your flooring would normally look like it was time for an update, you can refinish the surface using "chemical strippers and mechanical buffing equipment."

Easy cleanup

Spills on the floor are common in any type of business. Besides that, your customers and employees probably track in mud and dirt as well. You want your customers to see a sparkling clean floor each day when they arrive. So, using a flooring that can be cleaned quickly and without much effort is a plus for your business. You'll love the way VCT vinyl flooring cleans up and looks brand new after cleaning. A protective layer applied to the tile called the Factory Finish ensures low-maintenance flooring. Once it's swept, simply mop it with diluted detergent and your floor looks fresh and clean.

Attractive design options

You need not sacrifice on looks when you choose VCT flooring. The wide variety of colors makes it easy to match the look you want. You can even select a couple different colors and create a patterned design on the floor. Patterned floors have a modern look while using a classic material. From muted grays and beiges to vibrant golds and reds, you will be able to get just the style you're looking for.

Hides dirt

Although it's normal to have dirt tracked in throughout the day, you won't need to worry about it being highly visible. The Armstrong vinyl flooring is designed with paint specks mixed in so that dirt and debris blends in. No matter what color option you select, the paint specks and dirt intermingle to make your flooring look nice all the time.


Businesses have long used the Armstrong VCT Tile Flooring because it's a high-quality product for an affordable price. Since the flooring is long lasting, you gain more value for your dollars spent. This allows you to put your resources to other uses for the business.

Using Armstrong VCT vinyl flooring benefits your business by providing a durable, long-lasting floor that is attractive and affordable. Boost your brand image with a new floor today.

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